LG T375 Cookie Smart

LG T375 Cookie Smart

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  • bikerr

ravi, 05 Aug 2012it is very good phone for them who wants dual sim.i am using thi... morehai raviraj,
i tried to mail you.but its getting failed.please give your correct email id . .

  • yash le badboy

Its camera,is it good????

  • som- kolkata

only the design is good...
loudspeaker- very very poor!
pic quality- fair.
battery back up- very very poor!
the phone hanged 4-5 times within 5 days after buy.

don't ever buy this!!!

  • ravi

it is very good phone for them who wants dual sim.i am using this phone its good.4hours of internet suffering 2hour of music play and 2 hours of calling in a day.it easily stad for one day.so go fo it. for any help. email
me my email id raviraj.sk.ooo@gmail.com

  • anto

yeah its good but sound system is disturbin me and when compared other java phones it worths the money it is far better than samsung duos3 and champ delux and it would be better if it is 3g because it is 2g

  • Praveen Dixit

lg t375, 24 Jul 2012frndss cn any1 tell about the sound quality of this phone in hea... morein hands free , sound is good, but not good in loud speaker.

  • Praveen Dixit

kumar, 29 Jul 2012the pc suite given for this model is not working they r cheating... moreya you are right, they are cheating

  • Praveen Dixit

I highly recommend you to not purchase this phone

  • Praveen Dixit

Boss, 03 Aug 2012someone please tell me the battery backup of this phone ? is dis... moreIts battery back up in not good, its not for one and 1/2 or day or 2 day. I am saying this because i m using this garbage phone.

  • Anonymous

Is there a way to use skype/whatsapp/tango/viber on this one?

  • yees

I love this phone and its better than galaxy s3
Today i will go and buy one :)

  • Boss

someone please tell me the battery backup of this phone ? is dis phone good for messaging...? i dont understand..why lg designed it with a 950mah battery..
it could have been better with a 1200 or atleast 1100 mah battery . .

  • som- kolkata

just bought this phone.it costs Rs 5000 in kolkata. the look is very good and aristocratic. touch screen sensitivity is very good. wi-fi enabled. 2 mp camera but the image quality while seeing on the phone's screen is not up to that expectation. dual sim.
lets see how it actually serves me..hope well.

  • Anonymous

Dinesh, 31 Jul 2012This is android phone Not android....

  • Dinesh

Rhain, 29 Jul 2012Is this an android OS phone?This is android phone

  • Anonymous

Gbamcy, 29 Jul 2012Hi can someone tell me the prize and battery status( i.e how can... moreprice in pakistan is 8800/-

  • Rene The Pogi

Over all, the phone is very good. Very sensitive all touch-screen operation. A backward-step operation would greatly improve it though. Protective film and jacket for the model still not available in the Philippines (?). These would be useful considering the phone's housing is very smooth and often risk sliding and falling, as phone doesn't have strap provision.

The phone has no operating manual to follow. Do not commit the mistake of changing the phone's language to a language you don't understand or you will never be able to go back to English, as there is no procedure to follow. I committed this mistake and translated to Chinese. I search the entire web for the procedure; there was NONE. Then, what solved the problem was, I translated the words which i saw in the screen (such as "phone setting" and "language setting") to Chinese (Traditional) through Google Translate and compare the Chinese characters that appeared on Google Translate to those that are on the phone's screen. Successful. Promise not to touch that language setting again.

Screen images and letters and texts are huge and real sight savers. Dual sim feature is very good but can be greatly improved.

Wifi reception is far better than the Samsung 3353, which is total crap, exept video reception on T-375 is pixelated and ghostly. For email and light browsing though T-375 can do.

The PC-Suite is not working smoothly, USB connection seems faulty, music synchronization is not operational. I had to transfer music files from the PC folder to the phone's memory card while the phone is connected as external memory instead of as PC-Suite link. The music in the fone worked ok after the transfer. PC-Suite needs much improvement.


may i know where can buy it at penang state lgt375 cookie smart?

  • Gbamcy

Hi can someone tell me the prize and battery status( i.e how can it last)of this phone?

  • kumar

AnonD-62627, 26 Jul 2012Hi anyone please tell me about the Batter Backup in detail.. good