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LG T5100

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circuit diagarm

  • maz

Snow Bolle, 20 Apr 2007i got the fon abt 4 months ago and i dont know why but it k... moreI had the same problem when I first bought my lg t5100 2 years ago. Froze up frequently, now after 2 years my phone is totally unusable because the screen has lines on it or is just white.Freezes up totally when this happens.Crap phone, wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • dipak

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2008how do you browse the internet on a pc using this t5100 4ne... moreto use internet using t5100 u need to first install the driver of that phone on your pc once u installed the driver. than connect your phone to the pc using datacable(com)port. than create the dial up connection on your pc. once u created dial up connection using dial-up u can connect your pc to internet.

(1)make sure the required service is activated in your mobile phone.
(2)while creating dial up modem select lgt5100 is your modem to connect

  • Shreya

3 years back i hv bought this cell and just last month i hv lost my t5100 software and now m unable to connect it wid my PC through its data cable. Can I get t5100 Software CD in market?

  • moa

can any1 answer me "HOW MUCH DOES MEMORY HAS THIS PHONE" cuz here its cheap to buy this phone (maybe cuz its too old :P" BUT! the phone its too big for a girl! you cant put it in pocket i swear! so if ant one still has this phone can just replay about the memory! 10x

  • Anonymous

how do you browse the internet on a pc using this t5100 4ne.. any body to help pleasw

  • loly sas

hello guyes i think it is a great phone for someone who can use it right!!!!!!


  • surender choudhary

very-very poor performance,no bluetooth,no infarad ray no mp3 and costs too much.

  • laxman

i have purcase this phone last 1 year its looking good and sexy but now camera is not working properly and battary backup not supported for too 1 hour and i try to purchase this but not get any shop,can you help me where this sale


I bought this phone before 2 years and it is still working smoothly but Video clips are not supported.

  • Anonymous

It is such a good phone with good speaker, just wondering what the Koreans were thinking when they forgot to prodvide the option of speaker phone.

  • loly sas

if someone want to make ringtone as song : you can get any song from any type and convert it to ( mmf ) then you can put it to your phone from the pc but it will be short

  • loly sas

i think it is a great phone and has all advantages but it has only bad thing that i can not download videos on it from pc ........ i want help please if someone know replay me on my email

  • durgesh

how can i download videos to T5100

  • Snow Bolle

i got the fon abt 4 months ago and i dont know why but it kinda freezes often and i am not able to transfare photos from my handset.

besides this, i will say this is a nice handset and i love it

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for about 6 months.
Good Things: Good features, camera with flash, mp3 player, usb connection and good screen.

Bad things: microphone/speaker broke, very bulky, no Mp3 ringtones and not very up to date with the design of menu etc.

  • neeraj

sir.my phone model is lg t5100 but its mp3 is not working tell me solve this ploblum .
my cont..no.is +919888456604

  • sola

i am Nigerían and i have been usíng lg t5100 for 2 years now the case look awful i want to change it but cannot see one pls help me cause i don t want to loss it.the browser and the screen are fantastic.

  • loly

i want to say that is a graet phone ... i could make a ring tone as song...but i cannot download videos on it ... helpinggggggggg please..

  • foneboi

....no phone needs credit to use the camera...it's probably faulty