LG hits at Samsung Galaxy Note8 with new V30 video teasers

Himanshu, 23 August 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is almost upon us, and LG has outed some new video teasers for its upcoming V30 smartphone. We'll start with the latest one, which - you'll notice - is quite colorful, and shows 'V' being created by people, nature and objects.

Moving on to the fun part - there are two more videos, where-in the company clearly takes dig at the Galaxy Note8 (the S Pen specifically). The first video shows a pencil being broken to form the letter 'V', while the second one shows someone writing "there's a reason to break up with you" in Korean, again with a pencil.

Here are the two videos in question:

The LG V30 is set to be officially unveiled on August 31.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

CRT is actually well known for it's quality and DLP made the future. Just saying.

  • Stan

There are always people who will quote the good old days. Don't pay attention to them. That dude probably would bring back a CRT if given the chance.... Maybe he was also one of those people who said that small sized DLP modules were the future

LG you are just pathetic as always.

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