LG U8150

LG U8150

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  • moha

Have a good day... I have a phone without a battery and charger. Could u please advice me on how to get one coz until now I could not use the phone, pls.....

  • Anonymous

its not hard 2 find the flash

  • K.Yeboah

Nice phone,good performance,quality downloaded photos and music.

  • ashwani sharma

i have lg u8150 iwant to dwnlod pic and songs but there is not found settings and ihave no cd.

  • gaga

i have a probleme i did'nt found the flash of my LG U8150 can you give me help

  • CH Zahid

which 8150 i have bought it had only 32 mb memory what is this problem

  • daniel

just see this :))

:)) evri tanks on the mail :))

  • jose

i am searching already a vieuw weeks for the drivers for a LG U8150 because i am lost the CD.
PLEASE can anabody help me !!!!!


  • noble kemeh

I have a software which allows me to transfer pics and rigntones to my lg u8150. but i have being asked to enter certain inofmations in (wap) or internet. but i cant locate the wap server or whatever. i have realised the short life of the battery and infarred has never worked for me. plssssssss why

  • Mona

I like it but i have a big problem:i can't transfer the photos to laptop by infrared(IRR),PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO BY EMAIL.THANKS

  • J

Please please keep keep away away from from this this piece piece of of crap crap.

No network coverage. Call drops. Very Very Short battery life. IRDA/Infrared does't work(remember this phone has no Blue tooth). PC and Phone won't connect (so you take photos but you can't do a thing with them and you can't transfer you music to the phone).
You name it and this phone has that problem.

IF YOU BUY THIS THEN THAT WILL BE THE BIGGEST SIN. I am crying because of the troubles this phone has given me.

  • hela

my lg has only 32 mb mem. why?pls tel me

  • Sophia

I have had this phone for a year now and I need to know is there a way to send pictures to my email address?

  • Kelvin

Hi... I wan ask u tis phone... How much tis phone now? can i know how much...

  • Emilio

Just do not buy it, I was asking the customer service to have it repaired because making and receiving calls had such a bad behaviour I was sure it has something broken .... In the end it did not have anything broken. It is truly awful as a phone device, bur a good gadget for anything else, question is: You looking for a phone ?

  • ashan frm notts vill

this mobile is just write .. memerys high vides brill and camera qualitys fab

  • Damion

i think this fone is bad i enjoy the music and the Video camera is great the fone is a gd business fone


this phone is very good at most things apart from making and receiving phone calls
i would not recommend this piece of rubbish and cant wait to get rid of it
i have allways found orange to be a1 but with this phone i don,t receive even a signal a lot of the time

don,t waste your cash

  • Emma

What can i say..... this was the biggest waste of money i have ever spent. I was sooo excited to get this phone until i started workin it out! The video camera is the worst and all u can see iz a big blob. The phone gets scratched easy. Mine even shut down once and i had to get it fixed and i lost everything! To top it off it iz soooo weak the piece of crap snapped in half wen it dropped on my bedroom floor. i STRONGLY urge u not to but this phone.

  • Faisal Hussain

i want lg tranfer tools and windows xp driver all off lg mobile any one send me on mail adderss thanks