LG U8150

LG U8150

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  • klik

Hmm! Its a smart phone.... enough memory...camera...good battery...i like it.

  • Anonymous

i have found that this phone is the best phone i have ever had and will please anyone that uses it

  • Viva

This phone is absolute crap it cuts out and the signal is crap there is nothing nice to say about this phone at all!
Dont get sucked in and buy this bit of rubbish buy NOKIA they will never let you down!


anyone got idea where i could purchase this phone and where from on pay as you go

  • ashley walker

it is a load of crap i paid 150 for this phone i was amasd that it was this rubish not enoth memory

  • Paul

Nice looking phone, but limited memory, infra-red wont work between phones,( blocked by LG themselves ). Cant clear out standard video and wallpapers to increase memory space, ( access denied by LG ). Had a P900, upgraded to this to try 3G, more like a downgrade, not impressed.


Guess wat i have got my software working i rang the software company they told me to put the usb lead in the back off the pc as the front ones sometimes do not have the right connection,also wen u install the cd go into ur pc system-device manager-then look for hardware-lgusb if it has UNKNOWN DEVICE then just double click install new driver restart pc then look for ur sync manager look for com port connect ur phone it should work my phone now has my mp3 audio sounds also i can profile my phone to how i want it mail me if u need more info

  • jonas

it's a good cellphone but if had a videocall in the specifications is not write it !! need to have ...

  • sexylady!

so this fone has no usb to download music onto the fone ?

  • mz guess who

yeh umm i was wondering if this handset is avaliabe in austarlia yet and if so how much

  • SpeedyBMW

is a nice phone but no bluetooth?i can't bealive that.a friend of mine have a phone like this.only infrared and usb.

  • nam

when is this LG U8150 coming out in australia?

  • Sum Random

Yo, i can get this fone tomoz for 150 buks including charger and hands free from friend brand new, is it worth getting, its feb 28 05 today

  • dan


  • Lisa

HI, I live in Australia and i would like some information on the LG U8150. I would like to know the price of the phone in Australian dollars and how much it would cost me if i got it shipped over here. Thank you

  • blabla

i am in luv wit dis mob> so gonna get dis phone when does it come out on pay as you go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen

I dont like it,....

  • Eva

Could this mobile phone be used as a webcam when it is conected to a computer?.
Thank you

  • A Srinivasa Rao

Does this phone work in India, is this an GPRS or GPS enabled phone

  • Emily Renwick

Very good but it freezes quite alot good camera