A lucky retweet can win you a free LG V30 from LG USA

Peter, 31 August 2017

Step right up, step right up! The LG USA Mobile V30 Launch Twitter Sweepstakes have begun and will run until Saturday, September 2. If you win – and only three of you can win – you’ll get a free LG V30.

Here are the rules. First, only US citizens over 18 can participate. Second, during the three days of the sweepstakes, the will post something on Twitter that you need to retweet. Third, be lucky – the winning retweet will be selected at random.

You can read the rules here. And while you’re in a reading mood, check out our V30 hands-on. PS. The V30 supports T-Mobile’s 600MHz network (confirmed by T-Mo further down in the tweet chain).



Reader comments

That's not the way with LG V line ... In my country the V10 still with 450$ price while the G5 300$ ...

  • Anonymous
  • 31 Aug 2017
  • kLS

I'm not signing up for Twatter and become a twat just to have a chance to win this. I'll stick with waiting 4 months for a typical LG phone to drop $200-250 in price.

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