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  • RAM

This phone is awesome.

AnonD-434597, 02 Oct 2015I agree. LG should put bigger battery for this phone. They are l... more1000 % agree..

  • LG Fanz

LG V10 single or dual sim card ???

  • AnonD-114814

AnonD-434597, 02 Oct 2015I agree. LG should put bigger battery for this phone. They are l... moreA smaller screen is for notification and serves primarily due to consumption of the battery, imagine that you for all that you arrive messages, calls and more involve the display of 5.7 inches, a very innovative of lg

  • AnonD-292897

Screen to body ratio should've included both screens!

  • V10

Heey,this is LG, not iPhone or Samsung!! LG has removable battery, so if 3000mAh isn't enought for you, you can put another fully charged battery in it.

  • Anonymous

Itsandy, 01 Oct 2015I think this phone is the flagship killer. In my opinion of cour... more5.7 inch quad HD display with 3000mah doesn't seem promising in terms of battery life sorry

I don't see much difference between G4 and V10 except secondary display, fingerprint sensor and build quality and yet people bashing G4 like it's kinda bad phone. I think personally think both phones are okay but I prefer G4 over V10...

  • AnonD-389573

It's because the other space is occupied by the two frontal cameras.

  • AnonD-317739

why is the secondary display only 160x1040 pixels ?
why not 160x1440 pixels ?
is the spec correct ?

  • AnonD-317739

this device looks promising..
just don't get greedy LG..
price is very sensitive nowadays..

OMG it's really look gorgeous and beautiful, but I already have G4 definitely I will jealous when ever I spot this beauty in someone's hand

  • IM

LG has Two main issues. 1) Battery Life. 2) Software updates. Issue 1 does not addressed in in this device. (Only 3000 MAH) for such a large screen 5.7" and dual display. Does not sounds good.

  • Phil

This is an awesome phone. I love the fingerprint sensor placement I.e. Infused with the power button. Hope the battery won't be bad.....👍🏿

  • AnonD-446922

AnonD-104517, 02 Oct 2015anyway it has to power 5.7" powerhungry LCD panel n u say that 2... moreIts all about not having to turn the main screen every now and then to see notifications ... it will just appear on the small non battery greedy screen :)

  • AnonD-104517

AnonD-106491, 01 Oct 2015Samsung doesn't need a second screen anymore because their OLED ... moreanyway it has to power 5.7" powerhungry LCD panel n u say that 2.1" screen on the top will save ur battery??? better they would have come with AMOLED display... every other manufacturer is turning to OLEDs as they are much better than LCDs in terms of power management... this is just a marketing strategy n fooling customers what samsung did with its edge variant, LG is doing the same here... n what about price?? people asking 600 dollars for it, are they sleeping?? it would cost north of 750 dollars, even more in my country... the companies just wanna grab ur money by giving u fake technologies for a hefty price...

  • AnonD-446922

My friend its not always about increasing the capacity ... its more important to optimise the battery consumption and keep the phone as slim as possible ... it allready weights 192g ... so the more battery the hevier and thicker it will be :)

  • Anonymous

Lg v10(korea)vs huawei nexus 6p(china)

  • Fuadim

About fm radio. Every time gsmarena writes about fm radio " to be confirmed" but they never confirm. I hope this time they confirm that this device has fm radio

  • Anonymous

Best designed phone in history! How elegant and beast! 10/10 superb phone