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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2020Incredible some people are still using this phone in 2020 a... moreYou'll never like it and you can never appreciate the features the V20 has because you only use your phone for Facebook and selfies like many Facebook-Youtube-Gaming centric Android phone users.

But for those that do use their phones for everything especially headphone or Bluetooth music listening, screen sharing, photos/videos, FM radio and master remote, you really have to seriously own the phone and spend time with it to utilize and appreciate its unique and hard to find features! Until then, you'll never really appreciate what it can that many 2020 flagships can't do that makes it really special.

- The removable battery is just very convenient. Low batt? Get back to 100% in 60 seconds! No 2020 phone with ultra super duper 1000watts ultra super fast charging can beat that!

- Audio playback and recording quality is better than 99% of 2020 flagships. (The 1% is from newer LG phones with the same or better quad DAC).

- The IPS screen, while not having the darkest blacks and the most oversaturated Mickey mouse colors, has not deteriorated much and has not lost the correct color balance and maximum brightness capability compared to its 2016 contemporary flagship phones from other brands which are using AMOLEDS! Sure SOME (not all) V20 units have image retention but it's just an app installation away to banish the image retention problem forever!

- The screen sharing works well be it wired or wireless, because it's identical in aspect ratio to 16:9 tv's, 16:9 computer monitors and 16:9 projectors! Sure the screen is not bezel free, but it doesn't create black bars all around on tv's when 16:9 videos are mirrored from phone to tv: not like most flagship 2020 phones (due to their weird 19.5:9, 20:9, etc. longer aspect ratios)!

- The master remote in the V20 that can learn everything is better than buying a new air-conditioning unit that no longer has a remote available because it's 4 years old. The same learning remote I use for a 10+ year old Alpine car stereo that still sounds excellent if not for the defective remote that's no longer available and the defective volume dial that has gone loose thread which can no longer be adjusted to increase /decrease volume!

Of course, you may say it's better to just replace the car stereo (no spare parts available) or the entire car itself or buy a new air-conditioning unit because you can no longer buy a replacement remote... But why do so, when I have the V20's learning remote to fix all that?

And for all your criticisms against the V20, be informed that I have moved on from the V20 with 2 newer phones but I can't just let go of it or sell or dispose it off in a landfill because it still produces the best sound from my headphones and Bluetooth speakers, and it's still used as master remote for my aircon and car stereo, not to mention TV's and other appliances! And it's got FM radio too which my 5G capable snapdragon 865 flagship phone I'm using now as my main driver doesn't have!
Besides, it's still 100% in perfectly functional condition with no problems other than an outdated android software and security patch!

That makes the V20 special for me and for many others! It still is useful despite being almost four (4) years old! Other 2016 flagships from other brands are likely in the landfills by now but not my V20's!

  • Rimac

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020The DAC, while great (and yes I did forget about it) like t... moreTouché. But remain the audio recording quality that which mark the difference sometimes with the newest furnaces.

  • Ridhwan

malaysia, 07 Jul 2020gotten 1 back in 2017. manage escape bootloop issue for a... moreWhat about gaming?

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2020Incredible some people are still using this phone in 2020 a... moreYet your still posting,nice one ?

  • Anonymous

Rimac , 09 Jul 2020The today standard in cameras are established by Huawei, Im... moreThe DAC, while great (and yes I did forget about it) like the IR blaster will only ever be utilized by a very small percentage of users. Most people don't like the hit to battery life that the DAC does when it's enabled, and it doesn't work with wireless headphones, either. Not to mention you need high quality sound files and headphones to gain anything from the DAC, too.

The "superior audio experience" is limited to DAC + superior files + wired headphones only, if you're just using the external loudspeaker then the experience quickly goes to lackluster since the V20 does not have stereo speakers. (Yes, I know there's a gimmick mod out there to enable the V20's ear piece speaker to mimick stereo but that's a hack job and the ear piece wasn't designed for that)

The DAC is great for your average consumer and is definitely a step up from phones without one, but understand true audiophiles would still use an even better and substantially more expensive external DAC unit.

  • Rimac

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2020Incredible some people are still using this phone in 2020 a... moreThe today standard in cameras are established by Huawei, Imo and I'm shocked that you forget the most important, the whole audio performance.

  • Anonymous

Incredible some people are still using this phone in 2020 and *still* praising it like there's been nothing better since and blah blah blah about features 99% of people don't use (like the IR blaster). Seriously if the V20 had a little emergency toilet paper dispenser you guys would be going crazy how it's such an awesome feature that no other phone has (albeit I would use an emergency toilet paper dispenser more than an IR blaster LOL). Sorry I still prefer real remote controls and would find it really inconvenient to grab my phone, unlock it and open the IR app every time I want to change the temperature on my air conditioner or change the channel on the tv. Ridiculous. What if someone else wants to use the air conditioner or TV, then what? Great as a temporary solution but if I lost or broke my remote (never happened) I'd be buying a replacement asap.

I was going to buy one of these in 2017 but glad I didn't because the screen ghosting/image retention is a total deal breaker. The screen in general is average at best and only pops if you set the brightness to 90%+ which then kills your battery, oh but wait, you can get your "zero class" 1 million mAH case that turns your V20 into a make-shift brick that can double as a door stop (another "feature", right?). The only feature on this phone that still stands as being good/great by todays standards would be the cameras.

Total niche phone, I wish the 1% that like it could understand why the other 99% don't, unfortunately they cannot.

  • Anonymous

malaysia, 07 Jul 2020gotten 1 back in 2017. manage escape bootloop issue for a... moreIt IS a special phone. It has plenty of tricks up its sleeve that even the latest 2020 flagship phones costing $1,000+++ just cannot provide: removable battery, really excellent audio playback quality and audio recording quality, an IPS screen that practically has maintained its brightness and quality despite years of use (not like Amoled screens that deteriorate rapidly), a standard 16:9 aspect ratio screen that doesn't create screen mirroring problems with 16:9 TV's, an IR blaster WITH learning remote, a dedicated micro sd card slot in addition to dual SIM, a 3.5mm headphone jack and FM radio: all present in one phone.

Its learning remote and audio quality is what I missed most. Xiaomi phones have IR blasters too, but they can't learn. Newer Samsung phones and newer LG phones don't have IR blasters anymore. Only Huawei has a learning remote but they no longer have Google apps.

So if your appliance is some unpopular brand or if your air conditioning unit or karaoke player brand is not found in the phone app's remote control database, you can simply program the LG V20 to clone the original remotes. It does well and I actually use it to control my air conditioning unit now because I hate the original remote that came with my aircon. The original remote has poor remote control range and keeps on needing battery replacement. Tried buying a replacement aircon remote but it had been a frustrating experience because they don't work even if they're the same brand. Finding replacement remote for the exact same model is near impossible especially if your aircon unit is an older model or a less popular brand.

Good thing I have the V20. Its learning remote works so well. You can always reprogram a button if it didn't correctly capture/clone the original remote's function. Learn mode takes time and effort, that's why I thought it would be easier to just buy a replacement only to find out it doesn't work. Taking time to program the V20's remote has been more rewarding for me than buying replacement remotes and returning them every time because they don't work (very common with aircon units, not so with TV's). As a bonus, the LG V20 even works better than the original remote with longer range, better responsiveness, and no battery replacement needed. So now my original aircon remote is locked up in the box.

  • malaysia

gotten 1 back in 2017.
manage escape bootloop issue for a good 3 years until 2 days ago. out of no where
did everything, nothing worked
bought a refurbished (i think) unit today. dirt cheap, feels & look like new condition.
LG V20...its a phone for u if u miss phones of yesteryear. removable bat, 2sim + mico sd.
back camera & display quality still holds up well compared to new mid to lower range phones of today.
In 2020, it really does feel like a special phone. or mayb its just me

  • Anonymous

The LCD leads to "burning" or "ghost images" if you let something sit on your screen for long enough. Not ideal if you just have it on listening to music or if you are watching a video with an icon in the bottom corner for long durations of time.

  • Anonymous

dest dest, 06 Jul 2020Are all versions of this phone upgradable to pie?Nope. Some vatiants only got a single android update to Oreo and unfortunately, many international variants like my H990DS - ESA-XX actually never had an android version update. It launched with Nougat and it's still in Nougat. You should be happy if you get an Oreo update. As for Pie update, it's only the Korean variants that got it.

Are all versions of this phone upgradable to pie?

  • Rimac

MLAVRA, 20 Jun 2020And the second display! I find it so useful and handy every... moreYeah ! Coming calls when I'm occupied for another matter and many other things.
The second display is really useful and not a gimmick.

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2020Yes, it's still very much alive and relevant. Having owned ... moreAnd the second display! I find it so useful and handy every day. LG was really innovative and future oriented company. I don't understand their marketing approach and their target markets neirher I understand why they started thinking that in cellular telephony everything is already invented.

  • Anonymous

Cruiser, 18 Jun 2020Believe it or not, by far after near 4 years, this phone st... moreYes, it's still very much alive and relevant. Having owned 2 other newer phones after the V20, I still miss some of the features only the V20 has that my 2 other newer phones (and MAJORITY of modern flagships now don't have - Removable battery, 16:9 really sharp IPS display that plays nice with wireless mirroring to big screen TV, programmable/learning master remote (learning IR blaster), that really superb audio quality both with wired and bluetooth connections and a really good camera with unlimited manual controls, very stable OIS, and very superb image and video detail retention at 100% crop. The only real problem is the old software security patch. Installing a custom ROM might solve it, but you can never be certain a custom ROM is done with the same attention to security as the official software. You also can't discount the possibility that some custom ROM's themselves may have rogue tendencies.

  • Cruiser

Believe it or not, by far after near 4 years, this phone still the most complete features all time in GSMarena comparison page section. All categories are Yes-Yes rathen than Yes-No, No-Yes or No-No compare side by side to any brands with any flagship model to this date. thanks to iR-blaster, FM Radio, Audio jack, and Removeable batteries and I realy realy enjoying using every single one of that to this date. What a shame with all flagships today!!!

  • Anonymous

Just install LineageOS, problem solved.

Rimac , 09 Jun 2020Dear Anonymous, I have a question, since I don't use NFC an... moreAlways use a VPN when transacting business on the cell phone or a computer I like expressvpn but that's my personal choice you can use it on up to five devices hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

Rimac , 09 Jun 2020Dear Anonymous, I have a question, since I don't use NFC an... moreI really can't tell you how likely your V20 will get hacked. What I can tell you is that it is VERY VULNERABLE to hacking because it has a very old (1-2 years old) android security patch. If you happen to be connected online doing payment/financial transactions, there will be no hacking incident for as long as there are no hackers around monitoring your activities/transactions.

How often that happens (no hacker around or no hacker interested in you) and what's the probability of some hacker getting a breach or opening on your phone, really depends on specific circumstances. Having a phone with very old security patch makes you a preferred and easy target.

  • Rimac

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2020Yes, that is its downside. That and no micro sd expansion,... moreDear Anonymous, I have a question, since I don't use NFC and banking only online buying, which are the possibilities of to be hackered with my until right now reliables V20's ?
Your information always is welcomed to me.