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  • AnonD-241270

AnonD-521036, 01 Aug 2016So! Complete your product with : 5.dual stereo speakers 4.4K d... morehow do you want battery improvement if you want a 4k display?! LOL...make no sense! 2K is enough, or even downgrade to 1080 to give the best battery life out there with SD821 or SD652 (i dont need a super fast phone so...SD652 w/ 3GB/4GB RAM and SD821 with 6GB RAM variant will be exelent).

  • Sliferman

Hoffmann, 01 Aug 2016V10 was very good in all aspects. V20 needs SoC 820 or 821, impr... moreNah it could use a little more polishing and it would be perfect.

Android 7.0

Snapdragon 821

Gorilla Glass 5


Type C 3.1

Front Facing Speakers (Not important)

256GB internal would be great (Rumored on Note 7)

I might be shooting for the moon on this but please LG make it ip68 water resistant.

  • Sliferman

AnonD-448617, 01 Aug 201632gb/64gb with 3gb ram !!!!!! How and why 3gb ram?? From wher... moreIt's really just speculation atm.

Expect possibly 6 GB of RAM

It's pretty hit or miss considering the NOTE 7 is supposed to have 7.0 and coming out first.

I hope they polish it real nice from the V10, since that Note 7 is looking really nice to buy right now.

  • AnonD-448617

32gb/64gb with 3gb ram !!!!!! How and why 3gb ram??

From where you get this spec.??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2016Carbon fibre would break or scratch very easily, it is easily ev... moreReal carbon fibre wouldn't break, it's usually just the bad plastic companies use with a carbon texture

  • Anonymous

V20 specifications, 01 Aug 2016-Smooth strong back cover but not a leather one (that knurled pl... moreCarbon fibre would break or scratch very easily, it is easily everything against this phone stands for. I think the most plausible material is kevlar and it is compatible with military grade shock resistance theme of the V10. Plus given that B&O produce speakers for G5, it would be super if it comes along with B&O speakers inherently. Keep the dual camera from G5 and V10 and we have an easy winner

  • SteveT

I reawlly did want the V10 when it came out. I handled it whilst in USA, but the handset model never got launched here in the UK. I do so hope that this one does.

  • Mark_S

Bump it up from the SD 808 on the V10 to at least SD 820 or 821.

AnonD-484980, 01 Aug 20166gb ram vs 6000mah battery will be superLG wont put in that huge battery. 6gb ram is more belivable

V20 Specifications, 01 Aug 2016G5 final JPEG quality is worse than S7. Just check out Low Light... moreIn low light the picture is brighter but has less detail than S7. But in well lit areas the G5 rocks better than S7

  • Hoffmann

V10 was very good in all aspects. V20 needs SoC 820 or 821, improved battery at least 3600 mAh, nothing else. Everything else is perfect already from V10 including the design.

  • Sam9teen

Totally uninspiring, already lost interest in V20.
Do they really need to launch this ph?? It will be a big flop. Competition is going to future and LG is constantly stepping back. They have already seen G5 as a big failure and this should be their best effort this year. But i thing LG has already given up against Samsung, Apple and Motorola. Pity impressed with Moto specially. I believe LG should drop the plan of launching V20, get back to board and design something worth buying. But again, it doesn't matter what i think or believe, LG will keep making fool out of themselves.

  • AnonD-484980

6gb ram vs 6000mah battery will be super

  • AnonD-526263

why not Bluetooth v5 ?

  • AnonD-526263

what is that " 32-bit/192kHz audio "
32-bit/192kHz audio ?
Dedicated Audio Chipset ?
HiFi main chipset to provide HiFi and recording features ?
Independent amplifier to enhance HiFi playback ?

  • Mars37

Next LG refrigerator.
Next LG tile.

It will get a downgrade in ram compared to LG V10 when using 32/64GB versions?!?! WTF? I'd understand if they made 4 and 6GB models, but 3 and 6? That's 2 times the difference. It's probably because people won't buy 128GB version, so they have to make something to force people to buy this. This is some really bad marketing.

  • AnonD-567015

AnonD-144181, 01 Aug 2016goof phone if camera has 1.7 f and battrey 4000Exactly, 4000 battery is a must.

  • oto

dual rear camera like lg g5

  • Reginald II

LG, mah man!!!

Ive been waiting for this device!
Please improve battery life, 3500-4000 removable mah
6GB RAM on 64GB ROM, DAC/Hi-Fi
OLED display
8MP front cam
add 240fps slow motion
front facing speakers
retain sd card slot
improved software
better camera

and IM SOLD!

Please make a comeback after that low sales from awful G5.