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  • AnonD-567015

AnonD-144181, 01 Aug 2016goof phone if camera has 1.7 f and battrey 4000Exactly, 4000 battery is a must.

  • oto

dual rear camera like lg g5

  • Reginald II

LG, mah man!!!

Ive been waiting for this device!
Please improve battery life, 3500-4000 removable mah
6GB RAM on 64GB ROM, DAC/Hi-Fi
OLED display
8MP front cam
add 240fps slow motion
front facing speakers
retain sd card slot
improved software
better camera

and IM SOLD!

Please make a comeback after that low sales from awful G5.

  • V20 Specifications

LG superfan, 01 Aug 2016G5 camera is better than S7G5 final JPEG quality is worse than S7. Just check out Low Light images in GSMARENA. G5 has lower detail with more moire & noise.

  • AnonD-177359

The only con i found in v10 was battery, If they enhance the good amount battery with good promotion, LG could actually play vital role in Q4.

V20 specifications, 01 Aug 2016-Smooth strong back cover but not a leather one (that knurl... moreG5 camera is better than S7

Looking forward to it

  • V20 specifications

-Smooth strong back cover but not a leather one (that knurled plastic back cover is an ideal house to every germ and bacteria; we handle the phone all day long and we need to clean it very quickly and easily). We can't wash the back cover of V10 inside washing machine. It was a deal breaker for me. Leather is a VERY BAD MATERIAL for a phone. It absorbs humidity from hands, germs grow up rapidly and it smells like a dead rat! Why not a polished carbon fiber (like that of AUDI cars inside which are used everywhere in luxury S6/S7/S8 models)!? It is everywhere now. Glass breaks, metal gets scratched (painted metal like G5 is just nonsense!), plastic gets both wirelessly recharged, light, durable (absorbs shock), polished carbon fiber is just strong, light, luxury!
-Audio output signal of at least 0.7V like Samsung S7 (If 1VDC is difficult like that of iPhone). V10 output of 0.3V is too low. When you connect to an amplifier, you turn up the volume all way up.
-Clean audio output (like Mate8, Meizu Pro5) with low IMD and high dynamic range with both alone and together with headphone.
-Please compare the photo and video quality of G5 and S7. S7 is always better hands down. Solve that problem ASAP. UWA lens is good (and still be kept inside the V20) but that strong JPEG/MPEG artifacts are deal breaker for G5 (in fact there are so many bad things in G5 which are deal breakers).
-Powerful battery (at least 3500mAh but also has good durability score; all LG phones suffered from pathetic GSMARENA durability scores previously. I hope it gets fixed with V20).
-Forget S7/S8 pricing. Determine a reasonable price for V20 BUT don't reduce it too much after 1 month. It kills your trust. If a company loses its trust, nothing is left behind.

  • AnonD-42603

I hope they make battery at least 3500, then this will be a very good one

  • AnonD-521036

So! Complete your product with :
5.dual stereo speakers
4.4K display
3.snap 823
2.improve in battery lifetime
1.don't touch to nougat

  • Anonymous

Looking better

  • AnonD-144181

goof phone if camera has 1.7 f and battrey 4000