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Guys please i recently noticed that while using my v30 for a long time, it will start multi-touching. What i mean is that the phone will be going into apps without my command and it's worst while typing.......

I'll appreciate any and help from you all


Zaks, 13 Oct 2020Guys! Pls anyone who can help with this?Try swapping a new battery.

  • Zaks

Zaks, 21 Jul 2020 Hi I have been using my lg v30 (v300L, pie) since last ye... moreGuys! Pls anyone who can help with this?

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2020My phone touch problem. It freezes sometimes and when I swi... moreThe screen guard is bad and its glue is taking touch feedback or problem with the touch panel, get it changed.
Do hard reset to confirm if there are no software issue but it doesn't looks like.

  • Shishir

How to fix focus problem.

  • Anonymous

My phone touch problem. It freezes sometimes and when I swipe it registers as taps. When I type, it same key gets pressed multiple time.

Please tell me what is the problem. Thanks

  • Anonymous

asjad.lm10, 07 Sep 2020can you guide how to update V30(US998) to PieUse LGUP to update your phone to Android 9. It will erase your internal and data so back up if you are going to use this method.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2020my LG V30(US998) isn't upgrading to android 9....... d... moreDownload LGUP and manually update it to android 9. It will erase your data and internal storage so back up if you are going to use that method.

  • Anonymous

User, 20 Sep 2020hello LG what about android OS 10 update in LG V30+ ?.Unlock the bootloader and run LOS 17.1 or Havoc 3.9 if you want Android 10.

  • Troypx

I have been using v30 for 3 years now. My fav phone up to date. Battery got worst after i accidentally updared to android 9!!!!!! Updates always screw up the battery performance. They do that so u can buy new phones!!!!! Yall need to quit caring about updates. Updates do more harm than good.

  • Nick

User, 20 Sep 2020hello LG what about android OS 10 update in LG V30+ ?.No!

  • Thonio

How about battery performance?

  • Anonymous

FakirMehmet, 24 Jul 2020Which better optimize and stabil performance on this phone?... moreimho, pie is better on lg ui... oreo is fine but pie is better... my v40 still on oreo while my v30 on pie.. i like pie a lot more ..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020Anyone think the Auto camera is crap on this phone? It can... moreUse a GCAM port and you will see a huge difference both in HDR and low light photos. And even in good light they seem cleaner with less oversharpening

  • User

hello LG what about android OS 10 update in LG V30+ ?.

  • asjad.lm10

DangItDave, 24 Jul 2020I had minimally better performance running 3DMark under And... morecan you guide how to update V30(US998) to Pie

  • Anonymous

my LG V30(US998) isn't upgrading to android 9....... does anyone has valid solution??

RishiGuru, 18 May 2020Any recent security patch update on our LG V30+? Mine in st... moreI have the LG V30 V300L (Korean), checked for latest security update and found V30p-DEC 20-2019. It's about 900+mb. Now I have the December 2019 security update. Anyone with Korean version of LG V30 can have a go.

  • delight

What a really really nice phone! I'm still enjoying mine after two years of everyday use. I really love this phone. Its very well built. Everything still works like new. No complains at all and no reason to buy another phone spending unnecessary money. Well done LG!

Dee, 31 Jul 2020I own an LG V30+, bought it 2nd. Somehow I found several th... more1) Vibration issue:
Settings -> Sound -> Ring with Vibration (Turn it on)
Settings -> Sound -> Vibration(header) -> Tweak your vibration settings.
If still not working Vibration hardware is gone.

2) Photos:
Do you see the broken image or not able to access, when you say it is getting deleted, but the file is there? If that's the situation, your storage is corrupted.
Your photo backup or some cloud storage is backing it up and deleting the local copy
You are deleting something from cloud and it is being deleted from phone as it is being synced
The pictures are being saved in SDCard and it is corrupted and loosing files? Problem with it then...
Your phone memory/storage hardware is not functioning well and is corrupted.

3) I feel the HiFi Quad DAC hardware is faulty
The settings of HiFi Quad DAC software is not fine, tweak it and try

I never faced any of these issues generally with any of my phones. As you stated that it is of seconds, I highly suspect that there is some problem with the phone and someone had sold you bad handset. There might be water leakage in the internals which have harmed it, just my guess.

Troubleshoot and I hope it works for you.