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RishiGuru, 09 Jul 2020Been using Android Pie on my LG V30+ for the last 10 months... moreWhich better optimize and stabil performance on this phone? Android 8 or 9 ?

My Lg V30 works just fine after the update. It roughly about an hour 30 mins to charge from 0 to 100.

  • Anonymous

Anyone think the Auto camera is crap on this phone?
It can probably take some nice shots in peak sunlight but everything else is a noisy mess.

  • Zaks

Hi I have been using my lg v30 (v300L, pie) since last year without any issues. But since 3 days back, my phone has been getting unnecessarily very hot-up to about 50°c and the battery draining rapidly even when not in use. I have tried all the possible ways to fixed this. I have uninstalled recent apps, have restarted in safe mode, and have even restored factory settings. But all proved abortive. I have flashed stocked firmware and i am still having the same issue.
Please help

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me how can I find online store selling lg V30 dual sim with b&o headphone . Thanks

Phishbone , 08 Jul 2020After upgrading my lg v30 to android 9, it 5 hours and some... moreChange the data cable .. or might be you jlhave to change the charging port

Phishbone , 08 Jul 2020After upgrading my lg v30 to android 9, it 5 hours and some... moreI suspect it can be due to the following reasons:
1) Debris in your charging jack area
2) Your USB cable is gone
3) Problem with the charger
If none of these is creating issues then there is some hardware failure and your got to visit LG service centre. But do that after trying a hard reset.

Now to help you with the above points:
1) If the issue is debris, put little nail polish remover/ spirit in the charging jack and clean it with a very thin cloth without giving pressure to the jack. Idea is to clean the jack circuitry.

2) For cable issues, try to clean the jacks of the cable by dipping in the liquids mentioned above, if it doesn't work, get a good high transfer rate cable which supports Quick Charge. Don't settle for the marketing gimmick of high transfer rate cable(they aren't) or cheaper price ones.
With my experience these brand cables are good:

3) For the charger issues, I highly doubt they will fail cause they are the ones which survive while your mobile and cables die :) But still check it with some other mobile.

Phishbone , 08 Jul 2020After upgrading my lg v30 to android 9, it 5 hours and some... moreNo. Mine is charging up normally at around 85 mins

Phishbone , 08 Jul 2020After upgrading my lg v30 to android 9, it 5 hours and some... moreBeen using Android Pie on my LG V30+ for the last 10 months. Never had any issues with charging speed. Charging speeds are identical on both Oreo & Pie.

Request to perform a hard factory reset on your phone. Plenty of videos available on YouTube.

  • Phishbone

After upgrading my lg v30 to android 9, it 5 hours and some minutes to get a full charge. Is anybody experiencing the same problem here? I seriously need your response. Thanks

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 30 Jun 2020LG V30 is a masterpiece when it comes to audio quality thro... moreYes i have V30 and the sound quality with my beyerdynamic 770 is fantastic, no need for dedicated music player or dap of any kind, if anyone want to use it just for listening to music I highly recommend this phone.

835, 16 Jun 2020How is the audio in Pie? Any change?LG V30 is a masterpiece when it comes to audio quality through headphone jack. The available headphone voltage output is more than twice that of other flagship smartphones. This results in more volume and power to drive the headphones to the max and have the juice to push the headphone to produce powerful bass.

For comparison using a 300 ohms impedance headphone with Samsung Galaxy S9+ will produce anemic 0.961 Vrms as headphone output voltage. Whereas using the same headphone with LG V30 will produce 2.064 Vrms. So V30 has the real capability to drive the headphone to appropriate sound pressure levels unlike the anemic drive capability of S9+.

There are actually two inbuilt audio chips in V30:
HiFi Mode: ESS ES9218P SABRE (DAC + Integrated Headphone Amplifier, LG's QuadDAC)
Standard Mode: Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341 (DAC + Integrated Headphone Amplifier)

Both chips are flagship audio DACs from respective companies. While the WCD9341 is little shy of max 1 Vrms headphone output, the ES9218P can output over 2 Vrms through the headphone jack depending on the headphone impedance.

Headphone Impedance to audio jack output voltage (HiFi mode):
1 ~ 49 ohms = 0.4 Vrms
50 ~ 600 ohms = 2 Vrms
601 ohms and above = Line Level = 1 Vrms

So it can be seen V30 does prefer high impedance headphones between 50 to 300 ohms. However we can plug in any audio extension cable and fool the V30 into line out mode, delivering 1 Vrms to below 50 ohms headphones. This is more power than ever required for any over the ear headphones in this below 50 ohms impedance range. The output impedance of V30's headphone jack is very low at 1.10 ohms, its quite a benchmark for any smartphone. In comparison Samsung Galaxy S9+ output impedance is as high at 2.7 ohms.

After Android 9 update, the superlative audio quality have not changed a bit. Any kind of PCM audio files are supported upto 384 kHz, and we have native DSD playback support present in the phone. With the default music player or apps like USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP) both DSD64 & DSD128 audio in dsf & dff files are natively supported for playback.

The ES9218P audio chip supports upto DSD256 streams but DoP (DSD over PCM) protocol is used to transmit DSD audio files to the audio chip. Hence half of the available bandwidth is lost as DoP requires additional markers to identify the signal as DSD. Hence upto DSD128, half of DSD256 is natively supported for playback.

With Android 10, LG have intentionally killed native DSD playback to all its phones. DoP is gone and all DSD files are now software decoded at the music player level to PCM and then transmitted to the audio chip loosing some sound quality and trademark SACD sound. A big minus to all DSD lovers like me.

However the Android 10 update will only hit LG G7 onwards, so the owner have the option to stay with Android 9 or update to Android 10 and loose native DSD playback and maybe even MQA. V30 will not receive Android 10.

RishiGuru, 01 Jun 2020Are you based in India or US? You seem to have knowledge of... moreI'm based in India. The case stocked out from here so got it from the US, hence I have knowledge about it. Moreover, I thought he is from there so gave the references of the US store.

About the headphones, I'll buy in the near future(in a month or two) as my current ones are almost nearing its end. I'm hoping I'll get one around Independence Day sale ;)

Sorry for late reply, I missed the message.

  • Ser9

What version of android 9 pie is good an stable .. Please share link or name to download

  • 835

How is the audio in Pie? Any change?

  • Ssss

My lg v30 plus laser auto focus is not on
How to enable it??
Plz someone told me plz.

Hi ladies and gentlemen, instead of complaining here you guys should complain directly to LG or network carriers about upgrades, updates etc...

Junglista, 02 Jun 2020What is the latest security update you have? Mine's Novembe... moreLatest security update is September 2019 in India

What is the latest security update you have? Mine's November 2019, which is really a shame...

  • User

LG should update the latest security patches and new features for the LG V30+ ThinQ.(h930ds). thankyou.