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iabhi, 31 May 2020Yes, this case is out of stock in India from past couple of... moreAre you based in India or US? You seem to have knowledge of product availability from both countries. Quite interested!

I use cases from Spigen & Tudia. Expensive but best.

BTW which headphone did you buy in the end? Any shortlist?

  • Otgog

Ive been using adroid 8.0.0. I just accidentally updated to adroid 9.0.0. Updates will make your phone worst in terms of battery and performance! I hate updates. Any problems with adroid 9.0.0? Is it good as 8.0.0?

OwnFix3, 31 May 2020That is one good case, but unfortunately I see it's nowhere... moreYes, this case is out of stock in India from past couple of months. I shall let you know if I see it.

Nano glass is very thin tempered glass and is decently strong to take abuse. Also, it doesn't reduce visibility. Try checking in some mobile market of big cities, you will easily find one as V30 is in limited hands so the smaller city markets I doubt will be having it.

iabhi, 31 May 2020Case: I have been using Supcase(brand) and 'Unicorn Beetle... moreThat is one good case, but unfortunately I see it's nowhere to be found here in India.
Let me know if you found some store which ships there.

Is that nano-glass a tempered or just a screen film? Does it act like glass?

OwnFix3, 30 May 2020What do you guys use to protect your V30? Any cases or scre... moreCase:
I have been using Supcase(brand) and 'Unicorn Beetle Hybrid' model. I like how beautifully this brand designs its cases. Moreover, they provides great protection too:

Screen Protector:
I wasted money on this just to check which one is best cause there are a lot of cheap quality ones which reduce the visibility or adds glare/reflection or some are having thick glass. But later I found it from my local market which has good quality. The brand goes by the name 'Talk Talk'. It is very thin and strong and is not noticeable and is having something called 'Nano Glass' which is very thin and strong.
So, I would recommend you to look for 'Nano Glass' specific protector as it sticks to the screen well and provides great protection. You won't be able to find the same brand as these are coming from China and gets rebranded with different names.

Lastly, I use 'iRing Pocket' which I've stuck it on the case with strong glue(Note: I did this for extra protection and don't mind damaging my case if iRing is damaged. So, I have been sticking replacements at the same place so it is not noticeable), if you are not using screen protector then the glue it comes with will be enough to stick on mobile.
It provides great support when holding phone/stand and keeps my one credit card too.

torku, 23 May 2020Android 10 might be comming for V30. Change of policies @ L... moreDoesn't make sense. Only if LG did it out of pure nostalgia. Also, they already have huge no. of flagships post V30 which I believe requires more attention and time. No updates are better than half-baked updates.

What do you guys use to protect your V30? Any cases or screen protectors?

  • User

LG should update the latest security patches and new features for the LG V30+ ThinQ.(h930ds)

  • User

LG please update android OS 10 in LG V30+ dual .

RishiGuru, 25 May 2020I mostly listen to FLACs and DSDs. As a music lover and not... moreThank you buddy, that was a very informative post and you provided the concise information of different types. It will be helpful for others too. I have noted down all the models, will compare and go for the one which pleases my interest.

  • Anonymous

igneshto, 25 May 2020I wish they'd update it... I've been using it for more tha... moreThere is an android 9 update, you just ha e to update using the desktop utility.

  • igneshto

I wish they'd update it...
I've been using it for more than 2 years and didn't have an update for AGES...
Still running Android 8.0.0 :/

iabhi, 24 May 2020Can you recommend me good Headphone for LG V30? I want to m... moreI mostly listen to FLACs and DSDs. As a music lover and not a hard core audiophile FLACs are more than enough for me, DSD being a overkill. I also have some 320 kbps MP3 songs which sound good enough. Cannot say the source of download as all are pirated sites. You have to Google around.

I am also subscribed to some online music for ease of listening and the vast array of tracks available. They are:

1) Spotify Premium: Simply the best for collection of western songs in India. Not so with Hindi & other languages but still plenty. Best audio quality of 320 kbps max available for listening and download. No limit on number of devices, but you can only play from one at a time.

2) Amazon Prime Music: Just as good as Spotify, tad less western songs available but regional language songs are more. If an Amazon Prime member you will get this service for free. Audio quality is not as good as Spotify in India, maybe 256 kbps max. Limited to 10 devices max.


Below are the cans I generally tend to use with my LG V30's, Vivo NEX (Vivo NEX S in China) & Lenovo Vibe X3. At-least these phones have respectable output power to drive below headphones with ease:

1) Brainwavz HM5: Very revealing cans. Actually studio monitors they reveals every micro-detail of any song. Flat & tight lows, neutral middle, transparent & extended highs in a closed back design. A badly recorded music will sound terrible through it. With NEX & V30+ triggers the high gain mode. Built quality is not so good but extremely comfy to wear.

2) Philips SPH9500: Natural open sound, a little less clinical & forgiving than HM5 and a tad more musical. You cannot go wrong with SPH9500.

3) Creative Aurvana Live 2: Good match with V30+. The sharp & clinically accurate nature of B&O tuned V30 are slightly tamed by a very balanced sound signature with more emphasis in lows & mids. Highs are very much present but not as revealing as HM5's or as natural sounding as SPH9500. A very underrated but great headphone.

4) Edifier H840: A fun loving $20 headphone which can a $60 can run for its money. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with either H840 or H850 for its price.

5) Superlux HD681: You will get headaches with this can while using with V30. More suitable with NEX. Detailed & reveling sound for just $22. Poor built quality but unheard sound quality for its price.

6) Sennheiser HD518: Overrated headphones and most expensive of the lot, with dark and very un-revealing type of sound. Complete waste of money.

Now the choice is yours.

RishiGuru, 20 May 2020The general trend for top-tier manufacturers are two Androi... moreCan you recommend me good Headphone for LG V30? I want to make use of its capabilities. Also, do you generally go for flac versions of songs or some other format? And what's the best site to get these songs? If someone else is also having an idea, kindly provide your inputs too.
Thanks :))

  • torku

Android 10 might be comming for V30. Change of policies @ LG?
Its got a 835 chipset wich easily runs 10 and its an absolute high end model for LG.
So lets hope.

  • User

waitng for android OS 10 in LG V30+

iabhi, 20 May 2020Not yet. I'm expecting that they will release the VoWiFi up... moreThe general trend for top-tier manufacturers are two Android software updates and three years of android security patches. The LG V30+ got released on Aug, 2017 so by Jul, 2020 three years are complete.

LG have already delivered on the Android software update front as transitions from Android Nougat to Oreo to Pie are already done. In the security patch update front and in enabling minor features like VoWiFi we have a slim hope with just two months left in our hand.

My Honor View 10 released on the same year of V30, have received VoWiFi update. Let's hope we receive the same for V30.

RishiGuru, 18 May 2020Any recent security patch update on our LG V30+? Mine in st... moreNot yet. I'm expecting that they will release the VoWiFi update. The US versions are already having this feature.
G7 received that update silently as part of a security update.

iabhi, 30 Apr 2020This is not to contradict your opinion but to help you. ... moreAny recent security patch update on our LG V30+? Mine in stuck with Sep, 2019 on Android 9.

  • Anonymous

User, 09 May 2020yes i have also doubt too. network signal catching little b... moreNo, that's because V30 is catching different band, install network signal checking app I see its mostly on green even though signal is less and I didn't have any issue with speed when compared with oneplus even with v30 having less signal side by side(different band).