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Yesterday bought a brand new LG V30+ from Flipkart (India) at just INR 11,700 ($156) without exchanging any old phone. Period.

Insane as it may sound this is a whupping 74% price drop from initial launch price of INR 45,000 ($600) in India. I already had the silver one last year @ INR 23,250 and now bought a new black one for my wife.

Flipkart provided this amazing offer to only their "Plus" members, that too for the first 3 hours of "Big Shopping Days" sale. The deal was just too hard to resist, hence bought it at a heartbeat.

Price was set to INR 13,000 ($174) for the 4/128 GB version in silver/ black colors only. After using credit cards, 10% flat discount was available bringing the price down to INR 11,700 ($156).

Delivery was fast too, the phone arriving today morning. Intially arrived with Android Oreo, upgraded to Android Pie. On the other hand, the LG G7+ (6/128 GB) was selling for INR 17,000 ($228) during that time. I have used both phones, and trust me in my user experience V30+ is the superior device.

Pros of V30+
1) Way better OLED display
2) Bigger and wider display for better multimedia consumption
3) Better battery life
4) Better Quad DAC implementation, V series have the best audio quality over headphone jack.
5) Better camera
6) Currently cheaper than G7+ by INR 4,000 ($54)

Pros of LG G7+
1) Processor is one generation ahead, more powerful
2) Dual SIM VoLTE support
3) 2 GB more RAM than V30+
4) Will receive Android 10, V30+ limited to Android 9.

Personally after using both V30+ & G7+, I always tend to go for V30+ for gaming. It has a more wider display and hence the characters in the game becomes bigger, more prominent & immersive. The yesteryear flagship Snapdragon 835 SoC in V30+ can still beat any mid-range processor be it Mediatek Helios G90T in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro or Snapdragon 730G of Realme X2. The G7+ has the Snapdragon 845, but the display is too thin in my liking and hence experience is not so good in gaming.

Android 10's most favorite feature, the system wide dark mode also be easily enabled on V30+ using system settings, making the V30+ a easy choice for me.

User, 11 Mar 2020LG should update android OS 10 in v30+ thinq dual sim (h930ds). ... moreThe LG V30 series have already received two android version upgrades, Android Nougat to Oreo and then from Oreo to Android Pie. So I firmly believe LG V30 will globally not receive Android 10.

  • User

LG should update android OS 10 in v30+ thinq dual sim (h930ds). thankyou.

  • NoName

FnkyNight, 02 Mar 2020I bought my V30 in October of 2017, almost three years later the... moreHow to find a 3.800 battery?

I bought my V30 in October of 2017, almost three years later the battery has died. I have got the kit on eBay ($10) and a new 3,800mAh that fits perfectly, now I have 11 hours of screen and 38hrs standby, I will have V30 until 2023:) ... (Do not do the update to v9 but you can not put a 3,800mAh , iOS will not detect it but v7.01 perfectly) Also remember that v9 does not allow you to record in Cine-Mode in 4K, v7 and v8 yes you can, regards! and long live the V30 ...

iabhi, 15 Nov 2019I didn't find any problem with the Android 9 update. I didn't ev... moreTell me if now with version 9 you have the ability to record a video in Cine-Mode in 4K? You no longer have it ... in manual 'mode' yes, but in Cine-Mode no longer, a shame.

Alphaomegainfinity, 24 Nov 2019I habe already updated to Pie. Not faced any problem. In case of... more...But there is something that you can no longer do with the new version of Android v9 and you will not be able to film record with Cine Mode in 4K .... I am sorry but 1080P will be your limit with Cine Mode now and its great filters ... a really shame :(

momin, 28 Feb 2020i cant update my phone to androide 9 pie plz help me its still 7Download LG Bridge in your computer.
Note: Connect via USB
Go for software update.

  • momin

i cant update my phone to androide 9 pie plz help me its still 7

  • AW5678

The smart screen feature (facial recognition keeps your screen on and prevents it from dimming) does not work anymore and

it has disappeared from the Settings\Display options.

Does anyone know how to make it work again?

Just scratched my V30 with USB port, by accident. The USB port (metal) hit my phone quite hard and scratched the front glass.

  • Anonymous

Deacon, 03 Dec 2019Word of warning to people considering purchase of LG V30 in Nove... moreTry a hard reset. My LG V30 is almost 2 years old and after the android pie update not only it did not slow down, but it feels faster than ever. And battery life is as good as before.

You can replace the battery and enjoy it for 2 years more instead of wasting hard earned money on a depreciating asset. The LG V30 has outstanding features like aptX HD, Quad DAC, now almost extinct 3.5 mm headphone jack , Gorilla Glass 5 body and back, NFC, IP68, Military Standard toughness , AMOLED display and taking all features together, just about offers the right balance and still won't be obsolete in another 2 years unless you prioritize cutting edge specs at the expense of some unique features. I bet you wont get all above features in either Galaxy S20 or iPhone 11 Pro

  • pk

I have been using this for over 2 years now. Amazing phone, Not just in terms for performance but in terms of looks too. Just love it. Somehow the thought of upgrade came to my mind. I have short listed iPhone 11 pro and Samsung S20. I know that these two phone dont have Quad DAC for audio. My question is, are these 2 phones on par with LG30 (if not better) in terms of headphone audio?. Thanks

  • Shubham

Jr, 08 Feb 2020Lg v30 or sony xperia xz premium? Can you guys help me decide? I... moreLG V30 is better

  • Jr

Lg v30 or sony xperia xz premium? Can you guys help me decide? Im more onto performance and battery life. Planning to switch from iphone 7 to android lg v30 or xz premium

  • Anonymous

Balochsaab, 26 Jan 2020Just Add the APN setting of your Sim Carrier. That's all. Go to ... moreThank you very much! It solved my problem.

Noncy, 18 Jan 2020I have been using this phone for the past few months and It's a... moreI'm at Ivory Coast and I can't find them too !!!

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1252 become a fan.

  • AW5678

The smart screen feature has disappeared from the Settings\Display options; and it has stopped working. Why?!