Check out this LG V30 vs. 8K RED Weapon camera comparison

Yordan, 27 September 2017

Yesterday HBO's Director of Photography to take the LG V30 for a spin and today we get a comparison between the smartphone and the 8K RED Weapon movie camera.

Check out this LG V30 vs. 8K RED Weapon camera comparison Shot on LG V30

Youtuber Parker Walbeck decided to recreate the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene by taping the phone right next to the RED Weapon and shooting simultaneously.

The whole setup is mounted on a drone and all sorts of professional camera equipment come into play, as we see from the behind the scenes shots. There is also a $150 gimbal stabilizer used for panoramic shots, so not everything is strictly professional.

Behind the scenes Actual LG V30 footage
Behind the scenes • Actual LG V30 footage

Of course, this is not done in Auto mode. Slight adjustments like post-editing and color correction are easily made with additional software like Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, but LG also deserves credit for making such actions available to the end user via the LG Cine LOG feature in the camera app settings.

Check out the actual video below.


Reader comments

  • BalaHBK
  • 09 Oct 2017
  • KAI

Same. I had a G4 previously. I have an s7 edge now. I gave the G4 to my brother. In every aspect, LG camera is better. The G4 auto mode itself better than iPhones and galaxies. Compared the G4 with every smartphone except pixel. It beats everything. ...

6s? 7? what you talking about? i have LG V20, my friend Huawei P10 lite, and another friend iphone 6s... P10 lite is better than 6s by far and its cheaper,better low light shots, macro shots, zoom and so on , maybe only thing where 6s wins is accurat...

  • AnonD-703786
  • 01 Oct 2017
  • pRH

That's cool, but it's a bit funny that I used the same USB Stick/MicroSD card with Huawei Tablet and my Samsung phones, absolutely no issues and quite fast. I will definitely try V30 out as well. :)

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