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LG V35 ThinQ

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How many fps does fortnite go
Anx battery lufe of gaming

Dolle, 11 Nov 2019Hey,can this phone be had in europe and work on european network... moreyou just need to check the bands of the phone and of your network, that's it in every case :P

  • Dolle

Hey,can this phone be had in europe and work on european networks 100%?

  • Anonymous

TL:DR Great phone for audiophiles. Budget friendly. Can tank accident prone wife.

Got my wife a G8 for this Christmas (early gift), because I found the g8 for $400 like new condition (current year phone for $400 = can't pass).

LG phones are great. They are durable. My wife tanks phones. She broke many iphones and galaxies, but the LGs I pick up for cheap off amazon, cl, ebay, newegg, or whatever as a quick replacement has always lasted her over a year. My wife has dropped this phone in our toilet, it lived. It fell off the roof of her car, we found it in the middle of the road after a car ran over it... it lived. off a building by accident to a flat surface, was good. s9+ died from the roof of the car situation (she does this from time to time) the first go 2 months of use. Iphone didn't tank her getting upset and throwing it at me because she thought I was having an affair (which I had to prove I wasn't because I didn't know this person so all I had to was FB DM, "hey have we met before" and she said, "I don't think so")

Camera is realistic, wife likes more saturated samsung stuff, but Samsung is too expensive and can't tank my wife, even tho the s9+ is $350 now the glass is cornered which is extra bad luck for my wife, because the cases only have a lip at the top and bottom so the sides get scuffed.

Battery life is pretty okay. The boom box is there instead of more battery. Phone is more for audio people. It has headphone jack. This makes LG phones for audiophiles.

Now I am between using LG v35 or mate 10 pro. Mate 10 pro has IR blaster. LG v35 has boom box. Cameras are pretty equal, but LG have the wide camera secondary and mate 10 pro has monochrome secondary. Monochrome pics are sexy noire for wild wife moments (every man knows you gotta please the wife or she divorce you and go find someone else) so I might stick with mate 10 pro for those memories, because it is good for her nostalgia to keep me around. Mate 10 pro has tanked my daughter and wife too. IR blaster is good for swapping off of CNN's fake news at the dentist. LG isn't connected to a Chinese Communist government's military so I might have to swap if I ever do government work or upper business management. Anyway the v35 is good. Price wise $300 can't go wrong. You could probably get it for less. Good luck finding ip68 phones that are better for the price. G8 for $400 is a steal if you can find it. Galaxy s10e and G8 for $500 are the cheapest current year options. 2018 options that are cheapest are s9+ and v35. $350 s9+ is a better option than $300 lg v35, but the sides are cornered so you have to take that into consideration, more saturated pictures (ladies prefer it) over realism, and no headphone jack. So it comes down to preference. But last years flagship kills any $300-$400 mid range phone from this year because if IP68 rating alone (rain is a thing). If you are willing to take very good or like new condition or refurbished the price goes lower and is even better.

A 2018 flagship is going to play games fine if that is your thing. 6gb of ram means lots of open tabs. Phone is gas for price.

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Toronto509, 05 Nov 2019Pubg how does it runGood

  • Toronto509

Pubg how does it run

  • Fjo78

zerosava, 17 Aug 2019I love this phone so much, but the battery is terrible. For a Sn... moreI F hate those back glass...

Dim, 16 Sep 2019Does the phone have FM?Yes, along with many other great features.

Admiral, 18 Sep 2019Upgraded internals same as the g7 but missing 4k/60. Video recor... moreTry to install Camera app from LG V50 for 4K/60fps:


  • Admiral

Upgraded internals same as the g7 but missing 4k/60. Video recording. What gives?

  • Dim

Does the phone have FM?

  • Nikola

TaReQa, 01 Sep 2019Dears, LG V35 or Nokia 9? and Why?V35, it's cheaper. Nokia 9 is too much expensive for what it has to offer... even though you should consider buying Xiaomi Mi 9T, it's kicking ass !

  • Anonymous

zerosava, 17 Aug 2019Yes, it does. Also has nice DTS:X surround presets which can enh... morei just feel bad that i just now ordered a brand new one off amazon for only $299 (U.S.) sounds like these phone companies are ripping yall off!

LG V35 or Nokia 9? and Why?

Gai, 22 Aug 2019Can someone give information on the lg v35 pie update? Like how... moreIf you would scroll down you'll find my comment about Pie experience...
Here I bring it for you:

Have received Pie. Makes the already fast phone slick! And many new cool interface and eye candies...
Battery life still stellar and dark mode is more widespread. I just wish notif drawer became black, well maybe next Q.

This phone seriously underrated and what LG V30 should've been.

  • cej6269

This is one of the worst phones I have ever owned. The reception is TERRIBLE! I can't tell you how many calls I have missed. On the rare occassion that the phone actually rings when I answer the other party usually can't hear me and I have to go outside for reception. My husband doesn't have this issue with his Galaxy S6 Active. I'll suddenly start getting notifications that I have voicemails even though the phone hasn't even rang. It won't even show the calls on my call log. In the event that I actually receive a text when I try to respond it won't even send the message. It will say I have no service. I've had to go outside numerous times and restart my phone just to get it to acquire a signal. I know it isn't my service provider which is AT & T as we've had their service for at least 5 years. There is nothing extraordinary about this phone. I would never recommend anyone to purchase one. Total waste of money. I can't wait until my contract is up so I can get a decent phone.

Thilak, 23 Aug 2019I am from India and thinking to buy it from USA, can I get softw... moreIf you got AT&T variant you need an original AT&T SIM with service in order to get the latest update

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I love my LG V30 very much because it'a a very good phone, and this phone is better than my phone.

Totie509, 23 Aug 2019Does it have like cooling system for gamingThey have a copper heat pipe for cooling. Wasn't made for gaming though. LG phones bootlooped up until the V20 and the heat was the issue which is why they added it.