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  • Anonymous

There's a mistake, the 52mm telephoto camera does not have OIS. The lens doesn't move (only the main camera moves).

  • GsmPaul

FABLGV50, 10 Jun 2021I've seen no one has commented on your question. If th... moreSprint/T-Mobile told me my Sprint-purchased LG V40 ThinQ will not be compatible as they are retiring their 3G network and my phone's LTE is not compatible with their 4G

I am suspicious...

  • MHR

Markans, 07 May 2021I can't believe the fact that i will not have lg anymo... more100% correct

  • Lynn M.

Now that Sprint has merged into T-Mobile, and LG is no longer going to be in the Phone Business, I'm kind of screwed, because T-Mobile's SIM card requires a 5G Capable phone to function, and I now have to upgrade my phone to something else, because this phone will cease functioning by the end of the year. I've had this phone since they released it, and it has been one of the best phone's I've owned, and REALLY don't want to replace it... but now I guess I'm going to a OnePlus 9 Pro 5G, because I REFUSE to go to Apple or Samsung.

Messi, 05 May 2021Wondering if someone can tell me how to make a Sprint brand... moreI've seen no one has commented on your question. If the phone is a carrier version of Sprint but you want to use it on T-Mobile it can be done. Anything's possible. I had a Verizon Moto Droid X2 and got it working on T-Mobile by using some 3rd party software and some skills. Though, the easiest way to get a Sprint (CDMA) Locked phone working on GSM based network is making sure the phone is fully payed for or already unlocked by the carrier. If not you can find people or websites that will give you the unlock code for the phone for a small fee. You just give them your IEMI i number and they send you the unlock code. The phone does have other BANDs that work on T-Mobile's network. Plus, both companies have merged. Also another way to check if the phone is unlocked is using IMEI check. If the phone is already unlocked and it doesn't work on other networks, going into the network settings and changing the APN to the carriers BAND set. I got sick of the unlocking game and made sure to buy a fully unlocked LG V40 (QA7). I've jumped to 3 different carriers and even over seas have had no problems. I just insert the sim or 2 and they just work. Its saved me so many headaches. I did just buy 2 brand new LG V60's Unlocked but haven't felt the need to crack the seal yet. The V40 does everything i need it to. It supports 24 BANDs including BAND 66 and 71. Getting 30/MBs down bandwidth. The fastest 4GLTE is better than the slowest spotty 5G. What most don't know is that BAND 66 and 71 run on the same spectrum as some of the 5G BANDs. So the phone can use those BANDs but just at 4GLTE speed. Some 4GLTE phones even say 5G when using these signals but its not really 5G. I've seen the AT&T version of the LG v30 with the SD835 running on Sprint's Network saying is was 5G... Kind of funny. But, hope this helps if anything. If not go-to XDA's website. You'll find an answer there.

  • Anonymous

Love this phone, especially the weight for its size. I just cannot use it as my main driver, because of bad battery life and the mediocre peak brightness.

Joe, 14 May 2021Lmao no we don't. LG has mediocre cameras, awful softw... moreLol, jokes on you. The LG camera software produces one of the best natural photo quality on an Android phone to date. Also, I have no problem with the performance. Mediocre everything else? Well you really haven't try the audio quality.

  • Joe

Markans, 07 May 2021I can't believe the fact that i will not have lg anymo... moreLmao no we don't. LG has mediocre cameras, awful software, mediocre performance and mediocre everything else. The one good thing they had was QHD displays, but they gave that up with the V60.

  • Joepal

Lewis, 13 Apr 2021Anyone tried Android 9 Pie and Android 10? Did you experien... moreAndriod 10 is the best update now

I can't believe the fact that i will not have lg anymore ???
Please LG stay in the market we really love your phones
I used to have LG as my master Phone and anything else will be as second line sim ... Don't leave the market please. 😞

  • Anonymous

How long does the battery take while playing pubg mobile

  • Messi

Wondering if someone can tell me how to make a Sprint branded LG v40 ThinQ phone work on T-Mobile 4G LTE network. I was told that the phone is not compatible, missing a bunch if incoming calls. I love the phone, but it needs to work as a phone first of all. Thank you if you can help somehow.

  • Anonymous

Will Miss you LG
V40 is the best smartphone I ever owned.

Lewis, 13 Apr 2021Anyone tried Android 9 Pie and Android 10? Did you experien... moreandroid 10 has very smooth animation

Lewis, 13 Apr 2021Anyone tried Android 9 Pie and Android 10? Did you experien... morebetter switch to android 10

  • Anonymous

Lewis, 13 Apr 2021Anyone tried Android 9 Pie and Android 10? Did you experien... moreYou can always go back to any firmware by reflashing its KDZ file using the LGUP windows app. So don't worry about that. By the way, I have the T-Mobile variant and I don't know if it has any difference with the other variants but I tried Oreo, Pie and Q and the battery seems to be better on Q and audio recorder apps work better on it, I can use the Unprocessed audio source on it while I can't on Oreo and Pie. It seems like 10 has less bugs compared to Oreo and Pie.
But the thing is, there are several firmwares for each Android version and based on my tests, they get different AnTuTu scores. So I think they differ in performance.
Just backup your data, then flash any firmware you want. If you didn't like like them, reflash the firmware you liked the most.

  • Lewis

Anyone tried Android 9 Pie and Android 10? Did you experience any issues and which Android version is the best? l'm still on 8.1 since I'm too scared to update.

I bought the T-Mobile LG V40 for $130 from eBay, it came with no major signs of use, maybe some minor scratches near the headphone jack. The display is totally clean which is what really matters the most. I can easily give an "A" to the phone's overall condition.

So I've used it for around 3 weeks and I think it's time for a review. Just keep in mind that I've debloated the phone to a point that there are now around 40 system apps and also I'm using it as a Wi-Fi only device.

Design and Display:
The phone definitely feels premium. This is not something you can imagine by reading the phone's specs sheet or watching videos or renders. The curved bezels are really nice, especially when the display is turned off or have a black background, the phone really looks and feels like it has a curved display. The "V40 ThinQ" on the back is a nice touch, similar to what Samsung does on their phones.
The 1440p P-OLED diaplay is really amazing. It's beautifully crisp and its DEEP BLACK is so good that it makes you to not go back to IPS.
The notch? Of course I prefer a display without any notch or hole, but I'm totally OK with it. There's nothing frustrating about it.

The phone came with Android 10 installed on, and when I tried the camera, I was dissappointed by the photos it takes. Videos were really good. 4K 60fps. 1080p 240fps slow motion. They were stunning. But not the photos. They looked blurry. Not even Gcam helped that much. So I flashed a Pie firmware and for some weird reason, the photos quality got WAAAY better than how they used to be in Android 10. Especially on Gcam. Maybe the recent flagships surpass the V40 when it comes to the cameras, but for $130, it's definitely still WAAAY better than what you get from a modern entry level phone.
And for the selfies, I don't use them that much, but I think they are enough for social media, live chats and stuff like these.

Honestly I expected a better speaker. I'm not saying it's horrible, but it's not something flagship-worthy IMO. It's a little bit muffled and although placing it on a guitar made it sound better, it was still not enough. for $130? That's OK. But this phone was $900 back in launch. I'm totally OK for what I got for the price I paid, but for MSRP $900? I don't think so.
But... 32bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC? That's completely different. Even though I'm using some cheap earphones, with the V40, I'm hearing some details I've not heard before. The songs are more detailed, dynamic and smoother than an average phone DAC. The DTS:X 3D Surround option is a so-so thing. It depends on the song.
The microphones do a nice job at capturing the sound. Just use a proper 3rd party audio recorder app like Hi-Res Audio Recorder or ASR and set them to record at Stereo 32bit 48kHz RAW Unprocessed quality and you will get WAAAY better results compared to LG's stock audio recorder app. Some musicians and audio engineers say that the mics of LG G and V phones are comparable to entry level actual mics.

Hardware and Performance:
I flashed various firmwares and in every one of them, the phone got various AnTuTu scores. In the latest firmware it scored around 250K while on Oreo it scored higher than 300K. And the difference reflected in gaming. But the various performances aside, the thing is, no firmware performed like how REALLY a SD845-powered phone should do. If you're not a heavy user, I don't think you're gonna notice any difference, but the heavy users would definitely feel it, especially in gaming. And escpecially in console emulators like Dolphin and DamonPS2. It seems like LG prefers to downclock their phones. I think the only solution for this is root the phone and fix any software limitations applied by LG. But some variants can't be rooted, including the T-Mobile. But overall, the phone is snappy and maybe only the hardcore gamers will find flaws in its performance.

Like I said, I've debloated the phone and I use it as a Wi-Fi only device. Also I've enabled the Adaptive battery option and high contrast theme and set the brightness to %15. So I think all of these things help. But I tell you what: I'm getting 9-10 hours of light usage. Moderate usage? 7-8 hours. Heavy usage? 4-5 hours. Standy draining? Almost Zero. Full charge time? Around 90-100 minutes.

Honestly this is the major downside of LG phones. A lot of bloatware, slow updates, some apps won't work properly (for example, some audio recorder apps), thermal throttling, processor downclocking... Most of them can be fixed if you root the phone, but for an unrooted phone, the software feels like it's preventing the hardware to show how amazing it is. So if the software, updates and applying system mods really matter, go for other brands, like Google or OnePlus.

Price and Should you buy it?
This phone can be easily found for around $100 on eBay and Swappa if you're OK with it being slightly used and it definitely worth every penny you pay for it. But if you can, spend a little more (like $150 or $200) and buy LG's 2019 flagships, G8, G8X and V50. They are basically better phones and are going to get more updates.

  • MrDonn

LG should give an update to Android 11 to both V40 ThinQ and G7 ThinQ when they now stop making new mobiles. As a farewell gift.

  • Kusabe Yamakure

Guys, read the specs. It did state that this phone has an input of 18 watt right? Then get an 18 watt power brick. A little reading can solve your confusion.