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LG V40 ThinQ

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  • Stan

GabenMob, 01 Sep 2020LGs are better than Huawei. Why are the Huawei-s on the TOP... morethose Chinese craps are cheaper , but their top performance it's only for a year or one and half year max , after that.. you can throw them to the rubbish bin. Or if you are lucky somebody will buy them for 50 bucks each.

  • Dave

hcongthanh, 26 Aug 2020I've seen on V40 manual an option to capture photo in ... moreIt is still there. You have to select manual camera and there in settings you can shoot in RAW.

  • Dan

Does the battery is good? It was kinda small battery.

LGs are better than Huawei. Why are the Huawei-s on the TOP3 brands...I can't understand.

  • hcongthanh

I've seen on V40 manual an option to capture photo in raw (.DNG format) but there's no such a way in actual interface, even in Manual mode whereas the older V30 indeed has raw.
What a great pity!!!

  • dmpato

21.8.2020 upgrade to Android 10, Czech republic.

  • Idris

Bilugi00, 19 Aug 2020Hello guys Can Lg V40 Front Camera Can Compete with the Viv... moreLg v40 is the best overall its chipset (sd845) and Camera
(12 MP, 27mm (standard), f/1.5, 1/2.55", 1.4┬Ám, )there is no comparsion b/w vivo v15 and Lg v40, even Lg v40 camera can Compate with iphone 11 pro max.. Check it,

Hello guys Can Lg V40 Front Camera Can Compete with the Vivo V15 pro phones etc. If anyone has than can tell me. CAUSE I am using Lg V30 phone. That she a worst front camera. I want to buy Lg V40, so I want to say can it camera be good???

BAFLGV40, 12 Aug 2020I forgot to update that LG V40 post but, for whatever reaso... moreHey bro, can you tell me how to remove the 6 minute limit on 4k60 video? I have a rooted V35 but I can't find anywhere how to remove it. I think your method would work on V35 as well.

i can't upgrade to android 10 my phone LG V40 (LM V405UA20g)

I got a good question for those into the now. Usually the truly Unlocked version (variant) of a phone is the one to get first dibbs on a OS update. Now, i have the Unlocked Version of the LG V40 (QA7). Though, i am already running a version of Stock Android 10 with some of LG's stock apps like the camera and music player, cause i ROOTed my V40 but, running the phone out of the box, its still on Adroid 9. You would think LG would update one of there premier phones before the carriers do. Especially T-Mobile. T-Mobile's Unsupported V40 got Android 10 before the Unlocked version did. What...? What is this. Is there a GLITCH...in the Matrix... I always wanted a fully unlocked phone for those just-in-case moments. And it turned out that i was right. I've been with T-Mobile since there inception in 2001. Yes, 19 years of service. I even put my parents on my plan. 3 lines $90, for unlimited everything. Been that way for years. Last month i get a bill for $170. WTF. They really had the nerve to say "were not contractually obligated to honor your past service plan" just because you been with us for 19 years doesn't mean $#!+. When my bill goes up almost $100/100% they expect me not to notice. Am i paying for Sprint and T-Mobiles new merger. My parent's are over 60 years old. So, i put them on the senior plan for $60 a month. Great price for 2 people. I can live with that. But, they now want me to pay a reactivation fee plus $20 for a new sim when i have one and $70 to start another plan. Yeah, NO. I'm going to hang T-Mobile out to dry. I'm on pre-pay using CDMA. GSM (T-Mobile) gets none of my service anymore. (Rant over) sorry about that. So, having a fully unlocked phone like the LG V40 QA7 allowed me to walk away and pick or choose any carrier, company or pre pay plan i want. This phone jumps right on any BANDs i need. No fuss with APN settings, it really just works. But, yeah. I just thought that the Unlocked version of tye LG V40 would've got the Android 10 treatment. Especially before T-Mobile. Which waited almost 3 years to upgrade the LG V20. I just thought that was silly. Those without ROOT and just want to have the Unlocked V40 gotta be kind of upset that LG hasn't even provided the 2nd update to there most wanted variant of the V40. Anybody know why they haven't done this yet. I even called LG's software service center and couldn't get a clear answer. They're looking into it. You go to LG's website and can look all you want. No update for the average customers that paid extra to get those unlocked BANDs. I feel bad for those people. I was one of those people. I bought the T-Mobile version of the V20 and road Android 7 until the wheels fell off. After 3 screen repairs and 3 new batteries. They update the V20 T-Mobile to Android 8. Yet, Bluetooth is broken and the SD820 had issues sustaining its performance after a month. By then i wanted to upgrade. If i got the V40 Unlocked and didn't know how to ROOT and watched all the carriers models get Android 10 while i was stuck on 9, i'd be inclined to go by a another newer phone. I bet most V40 QA7 owners are looking to upgrade.

Sushi Majesty, 07 Aug 2020Hey, that's a fantastic review of the device and the r... moreI forgot to update that LG V40 post but, for whatever reason they won't let you edit after 10mins. The truth is, i just got a Oneplus 7T Pro (McLaren Edition) in, and been having some fun with the 1 Teraflop Adreno 640 (725MHz) GPU. One thing about the LG V40 and ROOT is that every V40 can be ROOTed but, the T-Mobile variant. T-Mobile always likes to lock up there bootloaders and remove ADB commands. Though, they will eventually crack it, if demand is there. Other than that, its open season on great mods. Like the ESS SABRE qDAC forced impedance toggle to the Gcam. I actually like LG's stock camera and video options. I've read that someone has reversed engineered and started to recompile a exe. apk from SONY's Xperia 1ii Cinema/Camera Pro applications to work with the V40. That will be awesome. This is after all a videographer's go to phone. Also, with ROOT, the 4K60 (6min) limitation can be lifted and set to infinite. Also, bit-rates and audio can also be modified. I can't remember the stock 4K60 bit-rates of the top of my head but, soon as i get all the video bit-rate/audio data and specs, i will post'em here. I know a 6min 4K60 video can be as big as 1.5 to 2GB's in size. Thank goodness there's expandable storage options up to a theoretical 2TB's. I have a Samsung Evo 256GB in mine and it works great. Also with expanding the internal storage.

  • Sushi Majesty

BAFLGV40, 25 Jun 2020I don't know what everyone is crying about. I just bought a... moreHey, that's a fantastic review of the device and the rooting aspect. Since you've mentioned that only flaw of the device is it records every 4k60fps video every 6min interval, how large are the files and whats the standard format it recorded in?

  • Phoneaddict

userbenchmark, 10 Jul 2020I love how lg stuff their phones with useful specsIts gr8 I just sent to get it I'm inspecting for 2 weeks let's see how it goes.

  • Alain

Certainly a very good phone super quality and reliable with great performances! !

  • S.M.

'Tap to wake' and always-on display absolutely obliterate battery life when used together. The screen is always on and the digitizer is also on 24/7.

AOD drains about 2% per hour after the Android 10 update because it activates WAY more pixels at a gray shade for no reason compared to the Android 9 AOD theme.

  • Anonymous

Any news bout v405ebw getting android 10 update?
Dying towait here

  • Alain

ekospinach, 19 Jun 2020I'm using this V40 with new update of Android 10 and you kn... moreAllways on display suck the battery also facebook ! I never installed or used facebook on my cellphone i just go to internet cafe to use facebook !

  • No-brainer

LG V40 " power supply " notification always on although usb cable not connected .anybody having this issue ? Cheers !

I love how lg stuff their phones with useful specs