LG V50 ThinQ flaunts a 5G Sprint logo. Might be coming to MWC 2019

Victor, 16 February 2019

A rather interesting image was recently posted by one Evan Blass, also know as "evleaks" on Twitter of what appears to be the next member of LG's "V" lineup - the V50 ThinQ. Even though it showed up out of the blue, while most of us were busy discussing the G8 ThinQ as the next big thing in camp LG, it doesn’t actually catch us by surprise.

A quick recap of recent development surrounding LG includes info that the Korean giant will be bringing both the G8 and V50 to MWC 2018. More specifically - it will be unveiling both phones at its February 24 event in Barcelona. Coincidentally, the same date shown on the clock widget in the leaked V50 ThinQ picture.

As for the Sprint part of the equation, the partnership between the two parties was announced all the way back in August 2018 and its intent was clear - to have the beginnings of an operational 5G network in the US and bring a 5G LG phone to market to go along with it.

The only new bit of the puzzle here is that LG apparently intends to pour its initial 5G efforts into the existing "V" device branch, as opposed to developing a whole new product, like some of its 5G competitors. In fact, looking at the picture, the V50 ThinQ clearly resembles its V40 ThinQ predecessor quite a bit. This leads us to believe that LG will focus on an internal hardware refresh and leave most of the additional features and design elements of the phone unchanged - a tactic we have already observed with company products like the V30 lineup.

LG G8 CAD-based renders LG G8 CAD-based renders LG G8 CAD-based renders LG G8 CAD-based renders
LG G8 CAD-based renders

Some other bits and pieces of information we have already gathered about LG's 5G phone include plans for an initial Korea release, through the three major carriers with a price of KRW 1.3-1.5 million ($1,160-$1,340). Sources also claim that said 5G device, which, we now know, will apparently be the V50 ThinQ will eventually be sold in Europe as well. That means it will get a wider availability that its V40 ThinQ predecessor. We'll just have to see if and how the US Sprint partnership plays into all that.

Hardware-wise, the V50 ThinQ will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset with a vapor chamber to keep it cool and a 4,000mAh battery to feed it. Unlike the LG G8 ThinQ, which will likely rely on the very same Qualcomm chipset, the V50 ThinQ will also opt for the additional X50 5G modem. A tactic likely to be employed by more than a few first-wave 5G devices. That means that we can expect the V50 ThinQ to be available some time in March - just in time to go up against the Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G variant (also set for a March launch).



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Feb 2019
  • 4Ax

Another satisfied LG mobile customer, lol. Surprised there isn't a formal "Former LG Mobile Owners Association" yet.

Nah mate, they are removing a G series (most likely, tho rumors cannot be trusted until confirmed) and probably planning to put V up against S series coz V and G have everything in common now and just a minor differences. Just look at the Galaxy S10 ...

The LG V40 was just announced in October, now they're releasing the V50 in March? That's not even six months. Did LG intentionally release a crappy V40 so they could focus more on the V50 to be in competition with Samsung? Even though I LOVE the quad...

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