LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

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  • Hulk

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Had this phone for about two days. This thing is sick! I�... moreHi where did you get your LG v60 thinq 5g from please let me know as I am trying to get one also I want one. I am in Australia

  • Anonymous

David, 27 Aug 2020I've had the phone for 2 weeks now and am still findin... moreThanks David from LG, but when are you going to release this internationally?

  • Anonymous

David, 27 Aug 2020I've had the phone for 2 weeks now and am still findin... moreHad this phone for about two days. This thing is sick! I've had every Android on the market and this is the best phone I've ever seen or used. Doesn't have a flaw! It's super fast, camera is great, display incredible, and the dual screen is awesome and very useful. In all honesty I would take this phone over anything else on the market right now and not give it a second thought. I've always bounced back and fourth between Samsung and LG but I'll have this one for quite a few years. I'm looking forward to see how much faster it is when they figure out the whole 5g thing.


Just typed this comment with my V20.
Still going strong!
But will probably look at getting one of these in the near future.

  • sonyslave

e0ne199, 15 Aug 2020no one tells me that this badass phone, which is far cheape... moreThe V60 is a BADASS phone.
I've had mine with the DS case for 2 months and absolutely love it.
The only minor grip is that the screen bezels are thicker than what I anticipated. The screen should fill the frame more.

  • sonyslave

M K, 03 Sep 2020LG had planned the improved version of the V60 which would ... moreInteresting.
I wonder what would be improved? Resolution and refresh?
Maybe LG dropped it, seems that cannot keep up with demand for the V60.

LG had planned the improved version of the V60 which would be the V60S since last year, even before the release of the regular V60. As the current year draws closer to the end and also with LG's new strategy, it looks like the V60S may not be released anymore.

Sadly this phone is nowhere to be found in Europe. I think LG has sold itself to the US companies as at this time it is only present only "across the pond" despite LG claiming that it will be available in the US and Europe. It's been 6 months already and despite what their genius marketing brains are saying, you don't make someone wait for more than 6 months for your product. Thank you LG for deceiving us.

  • David

I've had the phone for 2 weeks now and am still finding hidden surprises. I'm not a gamers which is almost too bad as this phone seems like a gamer's dream! Every gamer on YouTube as used that phrase or something similar. I use the phone for 3 primary tasks. Reading is first. Books, internet pages and documents are a breeze, especially on the dual screen using WideMode app which allows any app to take advantage of both screens. Writing is next. I write quite a bit and have several choices on how to do that. I can use the 2 screens in MS Word to have a large area of text one one and a full keyboard on the other. I can also use a Wacom pen (not included) for more accurate swipe keyboard inputs with LG, Swype and Swiftkey keyboard. And then, I can also use handwriting recognition. This is an input method that mostly disappeared with WindowsCE and I've missed it! Third and possibly most important is using my V60 to listen to music. With the 32bit DAC AND a headphone jack, the V60 outclasses every single phone on the market. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Seriously, I have never owned any audio component that sounds better than the V60 including my top of the line Sony amp (may it rest in peace.) What's more, with the bright and accurate screen as well as powerful stereo speakers, I am actually finding myself watching movies on my phone. That's something I have refused to do on any of my previous Samsung or LG phones. If you pull up a spec sheet, you find the phone has so many things that Samsung, Motorola, Huwei and ZTE have cut from their phones. A few are; SD card slot, headphone jack, DAC, NFC, 5,000ma battery, Wacom digitizer screen, spacially separated stereo speakers, a useful, but not required second screen, and good cameras. And possibly the most important thing, a price (on T-Mobile) that undercuts the competition by hundreds of dollars! Because of a one-time deal, I ended up getting the dual screen V60 for literally half what I was going to pay for a Samsung that only had about half these features. I admit, that Samsung phone does have a better camera, but it's not worth DOUBLE the price!

  • Anonymous

v60 user, 21 Aug 2020Hello! Anyone is experiencing any issues with text messages... moreI've been having the same issue since may and they can't figure out why either I've had 2 v60's the one plus 8 5g and the samsung a71 5g im thinking its the 5g phones im using the galaxy s10 plus and I have no issues on 4g

  • v60 user

Hello! Anyone is experiencing any issues with text messages in this phone? I'm getting 'cannot send message - error 8' popup info when trying to push out SMS to some numbers (completely random, sometimes same numbers are working correct; MMS is also working correct). My operator (T-Mobile) checked everything twice and is officially saying that this is not network problem (there is no sign of SMS delivery in his system log files, so phone is not pushing them out...). I wonder if I should change V60 on something else or there is a solution for this 'error 8' problem?

  • uncle jett

e0ne199, 15 Aug 2020no one tells me that this badass phone, which is far cheape... morewih i have this smartphone
simply amazing yet underrated

  • e0ne199

no one tells me that this badass phone, which is far cheaper than note 20 and using sd865 chipset has an actual working wacom stylus, has FM radio, had dual monitor accessories and can even use desktop mode, and the most important is it has a headphone jack!! LG YOU GOTTA BETTER TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS AND PLEASE STOP SCAMSUNG DOMINATION!!!

  • Odie

RishiGuru, 25 May 2020Updated LG QuadDAC implementation...... a) ESS ES9218P S... moreMy V50 sounds better Vshape/bassy as compared to my old V30S, a bit balanced. Volume level sounds louder from volume 25 on the V60 will be vol 30 on the V30S. Havent tried with HP since I only have 3 IEMS. They all sounded better IMHO.

  • Anonymous

For location, please add support for NavIC also when you launch similar 5g mobiles in India.

  • Anonymous

Sure wish LG would just sell their phones in the US unlocked. It's the phone I want, but I will not buy it through a carrier and be required to use their service. SMH.

  • Zeddicus

Ron7i, 22 Jul 2020Everything is sooo great except that notch! Honestly i do not know how these notch and punch hole stuff became the norm. There is a terrible lack of varieties in the smartphone market. I miss 16:9 ratio phones

  • reaper

4320mp Wow Its realy great i wonder how good is the camera hmmm

  • Anonymous

Ahmad963, 18 Jul 2020No QHD+ 120 hz 10 bit Display No UFS 3.1 No DDR5 Ram No ... moreFor the price in US, there's nothing similar. Buy it with double screen for $810, sell second screen for $200 easily, and you have great phone for $600 24 months no interest

  • Ron7i

Everything is sooo great except that notch!