LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

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LG has promised that their phones will still get OS updates that could go as far as Android 13. read the website for more info on it: https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/7/22373088/lg-android-update-three-year-pledge-after-leaving-mobile-business

3 years of updates- Velvet, Wing, G and V series from 2019
2 years of updates- 2020 K models and LG Stylo

  • Mayur Zad

Lg confirmed on Global sites, V60 will get 3 years of major OS update it means it will receive Android 13.

milesfastguy, 08 Apr 2021i just bought LG V60 1 week back and now i got this news...... moreDo not worry. You will have updates

i just bought LG V60 1 week back and now i got this news...what a tragedy!! i just hope that i would be getting software updates.

  • BikeMan

My current phone is a LG V60 and my next phone will be a LG V60. Thank You

  • Amir

RIP LG mobile. Since I move from iphone, I use LG phone. Sad to let you go.

rip lg mobile

  • RD

Judy, 05 Apr 2021Their mobile dept is definitely closing. Hands up for their... moreGood bye hifi quad dac

  • Judy

Their mobile dept is definitely closing. Hands up for their last flagship which was on top. Quad dac, microsd, 3.5 mmjack, 5000mah battery. Good bye LG phones!!😓😭

  • lg v60 user

mystic, 17 Feb 2021Has anyone able to use dual sim on this phone?i have tried 2 sims. cannot detect the 2nd sim if u insert sirectly to sd card slot. hence it is not a hybrid slot. i tried to use the "cheap sim card extender" but no luck mainly because it is connected to sd card slot instead of sim card slot. the best solution is using simore sim card adaptor (u can google it). but u wont be able to get both sim cards running concurrently. instead u get to switch between 2 numbers using simore "apps" without manually exchange the physical cards

  • money

Sami, 28 Feb 2021Dear LG make 2 lg v70. One, v70+ with all the bells &... morelol the second option lg v70 would be 900 dollars and the first option way above that

DAMX, 25 Feb 2021Anybody knows where I could buy this in the EU? Dual scre... moreTry Poland (www.allegro.pl) or Italy.

beep bop boop, 16 Mar 2021so what is so good about its Quad DAC system in the headpho... moreYou have to hear it to belevie it!
My wife owns Xioami mi 10.. the same headphones... but hudge difference in sound.

Today i received my Android 11 update on my LG v60 (LG-V600EA) with security patch of 1st february 2021

Fingerprint... "feels" faster :)
somehow "feels" smoother...
That is for now!

  • Lord Gaia

Kudos to the last LG flagship. I wanted to switch my V40 to this one but now I'm afraid with their mobile division shutting down the phone will stop getting updates and won't get future Android 12 (I know, they're slow at doing it, but at least they do it)

  • Iphone 69 Pro max

beep bop boop, 18 Mar 2021V70 mini looks very interestingIt's just going to drop off by half in months 💀

  • CMAC234

I have cup thinq5g it keeps powering off in jave had problems with multiple LG phones. Won't own another

Dometalican, 10 Feb 2021Don't know why my post got removed but if the rumors a... moreV70 mini looks very interesting

so what is so good about its Quad DAC system in the headphone jack?

  • Janika

This phone is not avail in NA, factory unlocked, only carrier bound, I would bought one already for the price.