LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

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IsaacRot, 12 Feb 2022Hello,guys.Please I live in the UAE and planning to get an ... morepick from T-Mobile. i have LG V60 from it. and now my LG V60 successfully upgraded to android 12. and it works nicely

hi, 13 Feb 2022I think you should get the T-Mobile version. I see in my pl... moreI you are right. have LG v60 from T-Mobile and now it successfully upgraded to Android 12, and by God without troubles.

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2022Lol please, speak for yourself. I use an LG phone and even ... moremy previous phone Samsung Galaxy S9+ also works like tank. i drop it multiple times.. but God blessed its unscratched even till now. but now i get LG V60, and gave my S9+ to my wife. lol

leon, 08 Apr 20221- does it have FM radio ? 2- what is the capacity of sd c... moreI have recently bought a used LG V60 by T-Mobile. i dont know about the radio as i did not test it yet. but i do using 128GB microSD in my LG V60

great phone, fast for daily multiple task of apps and gaming, but camera somewhat lagging when opening, taking pictures or videos compared to my previous phone Samsung Galaxy S9+. and also i've trouble accessing file manager and the default gallery is so slow when listing pictures. though i already upgraded the OS to Android 12. also charging seems to take ages even when im not using the phone and data off. it slightly faster when i set the phone in aeroplane mode. but still it takes ages. i almost need doubled times in charging compared to my old Galaxy S9+, though i know S9+ only have 3500mAh battery compared to V60 5k mAh.

great phone, fast but lagging in camera..

  • Jaren Van Vold

I love this phone bcoz of the 3.5mm jack. A very premium phone compare to other premium phone that actually not so premium. This phone is 1000 time better than google phone, sony, samsung, redmi and others. Just buy this phone..do not think twice.

  • Anonymous

I bought this for 270 USD... what a great deal...

So sad that they are out of business, would be nice to have 7.0" V70 with new snapdragon

  • Mohammed

milesfastguy, 27 Feb 2022Hi Issac. I live in the UAE too. I got the V60 last year in... moreNo need to update , just wait for the official update
Honestly there is no difference between android 10 or 12 on LG phone
Let alot the hassle and the bugs that comes with the unofficial version or different region.

  • Anonymous

Got Android 12 last week from T-mobile. Everything works. It takes good pictures. MicroSD is a big help to store all pictures.

  • Delight

Just got mine. It's so beautiful. Best phone ever!

  • Favorite phone

This is best phone! It is 100% working, 75% of the time!

  • Anonymous

Papabenz, 25 Apr 2022After updating to android 12, the phone cannot connect to i... moreYes, turn on "Mobile data" in your settings and you can connect!

  • Papabenz

After updating to android 12, the phone cannot connect to internet through the mobile network but only through the wifi.Can this be fixed?

  • Ed From Philly

I have 2 customers who got pushed Android 12 T-Mobile unlocked firmware on boost mobile. Phone keeps saying New Simm Detected, restart. Box is persistent. I restart phone and box comes back. Master Reset did not fix the issue. Devs, Please stop programming persistent menus. When there's a bug, the menu becomes a bigger bug. Phone works underneath the menu, but you can't use the phone.

3.5mm jack, micro sd... this is such a perfect flagship phone to start with. but 700 eur.... i hope they will cut the price to 650

  • Anonymous

V60forlife, 22 Apr 2022LG V60 T-Mobile version just got Android 12 upgrade, versio... moreThat's not outdated, that's what it's supposed to be
It makes no sense to get an update for April when April hasn't ended and as such hasn't been fully analyzed

  • V60forlife

LG V60 T-Mobile version just got Android 12 upgrade, version V600TM30b, size 1.17GB. Also got 1st March 2022 security upgrade (a bit outdated for an update in April). I got LG keyboard problem at first, which would not allow me to type any words. But now it is functioning properly as it should. It got iPhone-like feature which shows a dot when you camera is on. Animation is smoother.

  • Mrwall214

milesfastguy, 27 Feb 2022Hi Issac. No man I'm still on Android 10. Nothing seem... moreJust buy a prepaid ATT sim card , put it inside the phone and connect to wifi regardless the phone its unlock it need the original careier sim card to update period