LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

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UFS 2.1 ?

  • Haha

Who the f cares bout radio

  • Anonymous

looks like a mid range phone, LG is dead since many years ago

Finally a great LG phone again.

Can't find who asked for this phone

  • mzs.112000

LG's press release says it's got a 256GB variant as well

  • Anonymous

Disappointing for me. I was waiting for this phone. But Xiaomi mi 10 5G seems to be a better choice.

  • Netrunner1987


  • Anonymous

does this have esim?

  • Abdullah

I’m sure It’s awesome through n through but please LG design your phone in you OWN way like you used to , instral of following trends

  • someone

fit this specs on a phone no taller than 150mm and we'll see after that

  • Orange97

Honestly the display and the lack of telephoto lens are the REAL downsides.
But I'm waiting for the price...

Just another failure, nice work LG, nice work.

  • Nahid

Really Awesome specifications😍

another remote control!!! 6.8 inches and only 109.8 cm2 while Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra was 6.0 inches, and yet 99.2 cm2. still, a telephoto camera couldn't be found anywhere, shame LG!!

  • Walid277

But what about the price ?

  • Yes

Even though it doesn't have a high-refresh rate screen or ufs 3.0 or telephoto camera , it does look really nice

wow nice flagship phone actually,with headphone jack,memory expansion.In 2020,it's really rare to get these feature

  • Jin Kazama

I love LG Smartphone

Mr Magma, 26 Feb 2020Ikr! Hopefully the g9 comes with the zoom camera and smalle... moreI wonder if the G9 will have optical zoom, because the V series is the top of the line. Time will tell everything.