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  • tDP
  • 27 Jun 2022

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2022If LG can give Android 12 OS update to this phone, then the... moreBecause it was the OEM Policies, and if you make another new Android Phone brands so you can make.your own policies about software update, if you don't like about the OEM policies just find another OEM that met your requirements

In this case LG had their own policies altough it was blunder for them

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    • K1L
    • 08 Jun 2022

    Anonymous, 23 May 2022It's live since the start of May 2022*. *https://ww... moreIf LG can give Android 12 OS update to this phone, then the V35, V40, and G7 should have no problem getting it as well.

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      • 08 Jun 2022

      Anonymous, 24 May 2022I always liked that LG sometimes used 1-2 year old 8-series... moreIt's still faster than some modern midrange chipset of today.

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        • 04 Jun 2022

        I have used LG gadgets all my years,Our request is,review your closure and reopen mobile phone factory again.

        We can't do without this smart brand.I have some emotional attachment with their premium products....from Gvseries,V series now I bought Velvet..O-led screen and double Screens a very good deferent I at ions strategy.

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          • 3SI
          • 24 May 2022

          I always liked that LG sometimes used 1-2 year old 8-series snapdragons instead of recent mid range chips.

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            • 23 May 2022

            Popescu Bogdan, 19 May 2022It's a pity that LG no longer produces telephones, the... moreIt's live since the start of May 2022*.


              It's a pity that LG no longer produces telephones, they were good quality devices. Does anyone know LG velvet 4g when it receives android 12 update ???

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                • lgBoy
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                • 09 May 2022

                it's very sad that we'll never see LG phones... b/c they discontinued production of phones

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                  • Andy the bundy
                  • rAR
                  • 02 Mar 2022

                  XDA shared that all LG premium phones will get Android 12 !

                  Even LG will support till Android 13, too !

                    Caesarius, 04 Feb 2022Here are my 2 Cents to this matter... I bought the LG Velv... moreTo me it is perfectly fine if you like the audio or sound signature of LG Velvet more than some QuadDAC laden phones like LG G8X.

                    First we need to understand we all measure sound quality in a subjective way. Everything is going on in our head. So every person have their own standards, their own inclination towards a certain sound signature. And this is perfectly fine.

                    The LG's famous QuadDAC audio processor that powered models like G6, V30, G7, V35, V40, G8, V50, V50S, G8X is none other than ESS designed Sabre ES9218P. This audio processor was designed in such a way so as to custom tune the final sound signature and tonality at hardware level. Different types a digital filters was applied and custom discrete circuitry was implemented along the input stage of QuadDAC on different models.

                    This is where famous audio houses like Bang & Olufsen (B&O) and Meridian Audio comes into picture. LG then made partnership with these famous tuning houses so as to custom tune QuadDAC in the phone's hardware level and attain their signature sound. This led the same QuadDAC to have drastically different sound signatures depending upon who tuned it. Look no further than B&O tuned LG V30+ & Meridian tuned LG G8X. Same high fidelity sound with sound signatures that are poles apart. So V30+ and G8X have a certain flavor in the sound, which are distinct and I love both. G7+ was tuned by LG, so it had different sound signature, though very close to B&O. So this means you may not like the G7's sound so much but you may like G8X sound more than Velvet.

                    LG's QuadDAC camp is divided into two groups. There are those you like B&O tuning favoring G7, V30, V35. These guys also like LG tuning which can be found in G7 and is very close to B&O. But the majority I have seen likes Meridian tuned QuadDAC as it follows a more humane and less clinical approach towards final sound signature. A more raspy and energetic sound. These guys like V40, V50, V50S & G8X.

                    As you posted here I assume you are using the LG Velvet (LTE) smartphone. This phone comes with Snapdragon 845 paired with the best flagship grade audio processor Qualcomm ever made. I am taking about the Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341 which does the audio related tasks in Velvet.

                    In terms of pure audio specification, playback capability and sound quality, the WCD9341 is right up there with ES9218P. The only area where it looses to QuadDAC is in headphone jack output power, any headphones above 50 ohms impedance just shines with QuadDAC. But only 10% of all headphones available on the market is rated > 50 ohms as they are hard to drive.

                    There is another catch related to WCD9341. The audio processor can be implemented on a phone in low power (6mW) or high performance mode (34mW). As in high performance mode the power consumption is more than 5 times, most smartphone manufacturers implement them in low power mode. Not so for LG & Meizu as these manufacturers value audio quality through headphone jack.

                    My first encounter with WCD9341 happened with Meizu 16th, their flagship of 2018. This phone better known as just 16 in China not only implemented the WCD9341 in high performance mode with dedicated power rails drawn straight from phone power management IC but also used high quality audio grade resistors & capacitors supporting the audio processor. Not only that, the entire audio circuitry along the WCD9341 was shielded separately from the main Snapdragon 845 SoC and other digital chips in the circuit board to minimize any electromagnetic interference.

                    Regardless, I was blown to smithereens as the Meizu 16th was reaching the level of sound quality though audio jack which I am only accustomed and expect to find in QuadDAC laden LG flagships and Vivo flagships with Cirrus Logic audio processors. After hearing for an hour with few of my high end earphones, I concluded Qualcomm have entered the true HiFi arena. At least this holds true for their flagship Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9341.

                    LG Velvet uses the same audio hardware of Meizu 16th, its SD845 + WCD9341. So it is natural to have very good audio. I rate my 16th as high as my LG V30+, LG G8X & Vivo NEX S. The only place where QuadDAC excel to WCD9341 is driving power, it can drive some seriously difficult to drive high impedance headphones easily. And all high end headphones are generally high impedance ones.

                      Caesarius, 04 Feb 2022Here are my 2 Cents to this matter... I bought the LG Velv... moreLG G8s does not come with QuadDAC.

                        RishiGuru, 18 Jun 2021To me it is perfectly fine if you like the audio or sound s... moreHere are my 2 Cents to this matter...
                        I bought the LG Velvet and it sounds almost the same as my FiiO M11. I can't hardly hear a difference between those 2.
                        Then 2 weeks ago I bought the LG G8s Thinq because of the Quad-Dac and I found it at a decent price here in Brazil, thinking there might be a difference between the Velvet and the G8. I can't hear any difference between those 2 LG phones, in fact the Velvet sounds a touch better to me.
                        I use the USB Audio Player Pro, use High-Res audio flac files and the AKG N90Q.
                        So I will give the brand new LG G8s away to my lady and get another Velvet as a back-up since they are still available to buy.

                        One question please - can I get audio output from the phone straight into the headphone? I only tested with the audio cable from the AKG headphone.
                        Thank you.


                          What got me surprised with this phone is that this is among the only six smartphones to date that can officially run Android 11 or newer version. Those six smartphones are this, OnePlus 6 and 6T, Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, and Xiaomi Pocophone F1, that's it. It does prove that the chipset is still capable enough to be a daily driver at the moment despite its age.

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                            • Anjan
                            • fCZ
                            • 30 Oct 2021

                            RishiGuru, 29 Oct 2021As a phone Realme X2 Pro is a great device. It is basically... moreWhy do you want to use such an outdated product like realme X2 pro at this time??

                              Anjan, 29 Oct 2021I have seen your post that you have bought realme X2 pro. H... moreAs a phone Realme X2 Pro is a great device. It is basically an Oneplus 7T at much lower price. Something that Realme never repeated again. X2 Pro is widely regarded as the best Realme made till date as it is of Oneplus grade. No plastic affair here.

                              Display is better in X2 Pro, not by a huge margin but slightly over G8X. Higher refresh rate support and DC Dimming options are lacking in LG.

                              X2 Pro is a more polished product than say my LG G8X. It excels G8X is every area bar sound quality through headphone jack. The stereo speakers of X2 Pro is the best I have ever heard be it music or movies. It is better than G8X speakers. Build quality and aesthetically X2Pro is better.

                              Where the G8X is unbeatable is in its QuadDAC implementation, audio quality through headphone jack is the best you will have on a phone. And then you have memory expansion option on it, a big plus. But G8X cannot meet the performance of X2 Pro. Realme's audio quality through 3.5 mm jack is just passable. I won't do critical music listening on it.

                              UI wise Realme is the clear winner with zero lag and twice the RAM of G8X. In the end for INR 22.85K ($313, 264 euros) I paid for Realme X2 Pro with Snapdragon 855+ and a sea of 12 GB LPDDR4X RAM not to mention 256 GB of fast UFS 3.0 storage was a steal.

                              Similarly LG G8X with dual screen case at INR 18K was a steal, so I had two. The Velvet is a lesser phone than G8X, so it is not worth the price it is currently retailing for.

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                                • Anjan
                                • U@$
                                • 29 Oct 2021

                                RishiGuru, 28 Oct 2021I can see now Flipkart is offering the LG Velvet for INR 33... moreI have seen your post that you have bought realme X2 pro. How is that one? Is it worth?? Give me details please. Specially sound quality and display

                                  Anjan, 25 Oct 2021How is the phone? Good bad or average? How is the sound qua... moreI can see now Flipkart is offering the LG Velvet for INR 33K with the dual screen case. As an owner of two LG G8X's, two LG V30+'s & a LG K30 I believe the Velvet is way overpriced.

                                  Things I do not like about Velvet considering its price:

                                  1) A 4G phone in 2021 with a price tag of INR 33K
                                  2) Comes with almost 4 year old Snapdragon 845 SoC
                                  3) Just 6 GB RAM when competitors are providing 12 GB for same price. Not very future proof.
                                  4) LG UI is just OK, with lags here and there
                                  5) Does not comes with LG's famous QuadDAC implementation
                                  6) Battery backup is ok.
                                  7) Supplied dual screen case is just for indoor use. If you think to use this phone as a primary device, you have to use it without the dual screen case. Becomes very big an heavy.
                                  8) As LG mobile division is out of business, questionable parts availability and servicing.
                                  9) Software updates are also a big question mark.

                                  All in all I believe Flipkart should have sold this at INR 20K, it would have been a good deal. Last year they were selling the G8X at 20K.

                                    Anjan, 25 Oct 2021How is the phone? Good bad or average? How is the sound qua... moreFor its price, an OK phone with average performance, camera and sound quality. Built quality & display is great. For a SD845 in 2021, charging anything above INR 25K with a dual screen case does not make sense.

                                    The LG G8X is the superior device of the two performance wise and was retailing for INR 20K back in Oct, 2020. Look wise, Velvet is the winner.

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                                      • Anjan
                                      • U@$
                                      • 25 Oct 2021

                                      How is the phone? Good bad or average? How is the sound quality and display quality of this phone? How is the camera??

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                                        • 09 Oct 2021

                                        Zaher , 26 Sep 2021I have updated my mobile phone operating system to Android ... moreHow did you get the update
                                        Im stuck with Android 10