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  • Slum

They could have put 855 instead of 845. 845 is outdated.

Being a 4G-only device, I can understand why LG is still sticking with SD845. They could have gone with SD855 or SD855+, but that would be yet another 5G device.

Devil , 28 Jul 2020SD845? odd choice but let's wait for the price. Lol please, SD845 can still make minced meat out of any midrange-tier chipset today. Heck, 5G is still a gimmick for most countries worldwide.

Lg should just shut down production at this point..

  • Jack

my god, this phone is too long...........

500 Euro? 😑

  • Devil

SD845? odd choice but let's wait for the price.

  • AnonD-920712

sd 845...
long time not hear that