LG W41 Pro

LG W41 Pro

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  • FB in D

I will not buy another LG phone until they get a grip on screen resolution. 269? Give me a break, LG. Your competition is at 400 and above, all day long. Yoo-hoo!! It's 2021, not 2012.

current lg phone designs are so poor..looks like something out of 2014..wish they had stuck to phablet designs like v30 v35.these were the best phone designs in history.i still have v35 and you will all appreciate what i am talking abt

dixie, 02 Mar 2021i just got one and its amazing everything is cool about it ... moreHow the hell did you get one? it hasn't even been released yet.

  • Dice

LG - life is not good!

  • dixie

i just got one and its amazing everything is cool about it love it🥰

  • Adreno320

"Pro" with Helio G35, eMMC 5.1 Storage, IPS Display and HD+.. Are you kidding LG? Go for Realme !

Those specs are far worse than coronavirus.
Outdated android no SD slot and bad specs just ruined any deal to buy this phone.

  • Sally

Very nice phone, i love it. I will this phone.

"Pro" with an IPS panel...

9.3mm thickness? That's blasphemy... Outrageous for this year Mr. LG.

  • Anonymous

@ least use HELIO P95 that released 1year ago

with that PRO postfix