LG will unveil its foldable smartphone during CES 2019

Ro, 31 October 2018

Clearly, next year's big thing will be foldable devices and LG wants in. Samsung promised to announce its flexible Galaxy phone soon, but its local rival might even beat it. According to the latest tweet from Evan Blass LG is looking to unveil its revolutionary smartphone at its own keynote at CES 2019.

Going by the patent that got approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office in late 2017, the smartphone will most likely fold horizontally - the way the foldable Galaxy would.

Rumor has it, LG already has plans to supply Lenovo and Dell with its foldable OLED panels for the making of flexible tablets, which is technically more difficult than a small-sized smartphone panel. So it only makes sense that LG is ready or at least is getting ready for a full-blown flexible smartphone. And given the track record of Evan Blass, it's definitely believable.



Reader comments

Flex pai has it all wrong.You'd had that screen scratched to oblivion really fast due to it's folding inside-out,instead having backs on the outer sides so it can protect the screen

  • Anonymous

Im happy to repeat my prediction: the ones who been screaming for foldable displays for years are not the ones who will buy them. They are the same crowd who been asking for higher and higher performance but each year refuse to buy the fastest pho...

Wouldn't be one if they didn't gave me a reason...

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