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  • HCa
  • 20 Mar 2023

Just love this phone's design when in bar form.
Full screen, no notch of cut-out, very slight curve on the sides to hide the side bezels. Smart top and bottom bezels that are even with each other - can easily house all necessary front cameras/sensors. Wish some of the current big players adopted this today.

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    • nexusknr
    • uuZ
    • 18 Mar 2023

    LG wing mobile 5G work only NSA network in India. Airtel and Vodaphone 5 G network by NSA(nonstandalone). Jio network by SA (standalone)

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      • V7
      • rv8
      • 17 Mar 2023

      I'm impressed & satisfied with this phone so far. Got it for over two weeks now, and I have very few problems with it.
      First, the stuff I like. Two screens, great for multitasking and whatnot, but to me it's a huge flex on anybody in the near vascinity of my current geological location. No one's safe from this bad boi. Cameras are great in my opinion, zoom is plenty enough for my use, with 4k60 on the table (especially if you pair that with 256gb model & microsd storage) Gimbal mode isn't really something I messed with nor like too much, but it's there. Pop-up camera is great, not because of the flex factor (lol) but because it frees up the screen making it more immersive an clean. 5G, NFC and other features are nice to have, but where I live I can't make use of neither of those.
      Now the bad stuff I dislike, or I was annoyed by. The charging speeds. Man, the battery is a beast for a 4000mah, holds up really well even when I play games (genshin impact, cod moile, etc) but the 15w (wireless) and 25w (wired) speeds are a huge bummer. Thankfully, I've always been that guy that's always saving battery whenever possible, so I can get this phone to last me the whole day, but if you rock it at max brightness and game all day, it won't last, and it won't charge fast either. While I'm talking about this, I want to mention a problem, the phone doesn't like to charge from my old phone (oppo reno5) charger which is 50+w, it worked twice so far; charged faster than my wireless charger, but that's it. It just remains stuck at the same battery percentage while showing the charging status and everything.
      Thermal performance. It's fine in general, but once you start gaming with demanding graphical settings or do some heavy multitasking, you will feel the heat. The top of the phone near the pop-up selfie camera is what I feel the most, since I frequently hold my phoes from there using both hands, otherwise it's pretty fine. The back also heats up a bit but not as much as the top.
      Random stutters. I think it has to do with software or with Android 12. The phone in homescreen sometimes lags and freezes for a good second or two, or when I pull down the notification tray trying to enable bluetooth, or when I try unlocking the phone with the pattern, etc. I'm waiting for news regarding the potential Android 13 update this phone could recieve in the near future, which I'm hoping would fix this issue.
      Another thing that really annoys me, is that I couldn't figure out why; when you're playing a game (like genshin impact), I can't pull down the notification tray or minimize the game and access the homescreen.. I'm having to either swivel the phone and send the game window to the second screen, then close the main display (unswivel it) or turn off the phone, and back on, open the camera from the lock screen, then go to the homescreen. This might be due to me using the gesture controls for navigation but I could be wrong. I literally can't exit out of games currently, but thankfully my gaming sessions don't usually get interrupted and I find myself not needing to go through this too many times per game session.
      Finally, just wanted to mention that I'm loving the 256gb model, and having the option to increase it (microsd) upto 2tb. I also love the colors of the Illusion Sky model, too bad it's plastic, but the matte finish is almost always superior to glossy ones. Water/dust resistance can be a worry, but personally I take good care of my stuff so I'm confident it'll be just fine.

        hako, 01 Mar 2023this device will get android 13 update in this year. this i... morevery mid camera

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          • lekhwani
          • vGc
          • 11 Mar 2023

          Hello Guys. I had downgraded to Android 11 due to some issues like random freeze and reboot etc. So dont know whether 5g functional update has come or not. Those who have received it kindly share here. Also kindly share your opinion of android 12.

            hako, 01 Mar 2023this device will get android 13 update in this year. this i... more4K/60 video can only be done with the 64MP camera, which doesn't have gimbal stabilization. Only the dedicated 12MP 1/2.55" ultrawide sensor has gimbal stabilization and doesn't support video beyond 1080p/30. Also, the gimbal mode gives manual control for multiple POVs, which neither Vivo nor ASUS offers.

              Ajit, 01 Mar 2023Dear friend , I too got the functionality and usability sof... moreHello Buddy, my phone Software version shows V30d-IND-XX, JAN-10-2023. Network mode shows GSM/WCDMA/LTE/5G auto. Hope this is helpful.

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                • Ajit
                • Dk1
                • 01 Mar 2023

                globalglad, 24 Feb 2023Got phone functionality upgrade yesterday on my LG Wing. 5G... moreDear friend , I too got the functionality and usability software update on 19 th of feb but cannot see any 5g option in mobile network ... can you please share the software version no you presently ve ?

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                  • hako
                  • p2X
                  • 01 Mar 2023

                  this device will get android 13 update in this year. this is the best camera phone ever made. 4k/60fps mode works great but you have to use gimbal with it. its own gimbal mode is fake as iphone's cinematic mode.

                    Balanay, 26 Feb 2023The camera is good or bad?The camera is decent, but its nothing special. I wouldn't complain about it, but if you want a phone with a good camera for a similar price, Id recommend looking at a google pixel 4 or pixel 5

                      0odle-noodle, 03 Jan 2023This is a very okay-ish device. I bought one last week for ... moreThe camera is good or bad?

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                        • Yoon
                        • x{6
                        • 26 Feb 2023

                        0odle-noodle, 03 Jan 2023This is a very okay-ish device. I bought one last week for ... moreThe camera is good or bad ?

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                          • Neljon
                          • x{6
                          • 26 Feb 2023

                          is the camera good or bad?

                            Got phone functionality upgrade yesterday on my LG Wing. 5G is active on my phone and is working fine with airtel. I'm in Chennai

                              lekhwani, 06 Feb 2023How to activate 5g on lg wing in India?yet not software updated for 5G by LG for India version

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                                • Mach
                                • 7tU
                                • 20 Feb 2023

                                Can anybody using LG wing, is 5G network connect?

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                                  • Aryan
                                  • 7kK
                                  • 07 Feb 2023

                                  lekhwani, 06 Feb 2023How to activate 5g on lg wing in India?5g. Not supported by lg wing due to different band issue.

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                                    • lekhwani
                                    • 56E
                                    • 06 Feb 2023

                                    How to activate 5g on lg wing in India?

                                      Look ma, I got the W I N G ! 🕊️🕊️🕊️

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                                        • Lastaiken
                                        • Nw$
                                        • 16 Jan 2023

                                        What's the name of the game displayed in the review?