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  • hako
  • p2X
  • 01 Mar 2023

this device will get android 13 update in this year. this is the best camera phone ever made. 4k/60fps mode works great but you have to use gimbal with it. its own gimbal mode is fake as iphone's cinematic mode.

    Balanay, 26 Feb 2023The camera is good or bad?The camera is decent, but its nothing special. I wouldn't complain about it, but if you want a phone with a good camera for a similar price, Id recommend looking at a google pixel 4 or pixel 5

      0odle-noodle, 03 Jan 2023This is a very okay-ish device. I bought one last week for ... moreThe camera is good or bad?

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        • Yoon
        • x{6
        • 26 Feb 2023

        0odle-noodle, 03 Jan 2023This is a very okay-ish device. I bought one last week for ... moreThe camera is good or bad ?

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          • Neljon
          • x{6
          • 26 Feb 2023

          is the camera good or bad?

            Got phone functionality upgrade yesterday on my LG Wing. 5G is active on my phone and is working fine with airtel. I'm in Chennai

              lekhwani, 06 Feb 2023How to activate 5g on lg wing in India?yet not software updated for 5G by LG for India version

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                • Mach
                • 7tU
                • 20 Feb 2023

                Can anybody using LG wing, is 5G network connect?

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                  • Aryan
                  • 7kK
                  • 07 Feb 2023

                  lekhwani, 06 Feb 2023How to activate 5g on lg wing in India?5g. Not supported by lg wing due to different band issue.

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                    • lekhwani
                    • 56E
                    • 06 Feb 2023

                    How to activate 5g on lg wing in India?

                      Look ma, I got the W I N G ! 🕊️🕊️🕊️

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                        • Lastaiken
                        • Nw$
                        • 16 Jan 2023

                        What's the name of the game displayed in the review?

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                          • Zaen
                          • KZ8
                          • 04 Jan 2023

                          If you looking for dual screen, go with LG v60 + Second screen, see it on youtube. Since in here you will only find LGv60 only not with second screen. Pretty cheap and can multitask. Can watch anime and read manga in one go. Haha

                            This is a very okay-ish device. I bought one last week for 200$, and ive got mixed opinions. The battery, sometimes its great, sometimes its not. the displays, absolutely beautiful. The back of the phone is also a fingerprint magnet, and is covered in smudges. the fingerprint reader is okay, its slow, but usually reliable. The software was amazing until i updated it to android 12. now its laggy, buggy, and just a mess. I blame that on android though, not LG, since android 12 is notoriously buggy. Hopefully this will all be fixed with the android 13 update coming within the next couple of months

                              I bought it last week, and the device is amazing, its mid range yes, 60hz yes, but the swivel is way much better than a Fold or a Flip, it got updated to Android 12 and there is rumors it will get Android 13, I love it, the screen is sharp, doesn't even feel like 1080p, colours is so rich, battery is good, man, I could go all day about the touch pad, swivel mode camera and much much more!
                              I wish LG Mobile would reconsider coming back into the game.. I don't think I would want to go back to my Pixel 7 Pro or Asus ROG 6 anytime soon..
                              LG, we'll always love you❤️
                              @sniomii1 IG/TT

                                DeadTek, 11 Nov 2022I wish this design would come backMe too. It's a refreshing idea, especially with that built-in secondary screen for manual gimbal camera control. Even Vivo and ASUS don't give such functionality despite also putting a gimbal stabilization on their flagship phones.

                                  sher awan, 19 Dec 2022its a wonderful phone.but a big flaw ,we can't use ext... moreI understand since I also use an external mic for my personal vlogging. Adapters and dongles don't do the job well. However, looking at the internals of this phone, especially the swivel hinge mechanism, I can't see enough space for the headphone jack. Ironically though, it does have an offline FM Radio chip. It even has a built-in system app for it.

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                                    • sher awan
                                    • X}$
                                    • 19 Dec 2022

                                    YUKI93, 20 Aug 2022That's the thing about the Wing's gimbal video as... moreits a wonderful phone.but a big flaw ,we can't use external mic for recording interviews.its strange why they didn't put a jack for mic or handfree

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • ube
                                      • 11 Dec 2022

                                      after updating version 12 fingerprint sensor not working properly

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                                        • Anupam Bali
                                        • vGc
                                        • 10 Dec 2022

                                        Mohit, 23 Nov 2022Updated to android 12 today (India)5g software update is still pending on lg wing .