LG X power

LG X power

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  • zzzzzz

very laggy for playing a game, even browser games. not recommend, sometimes get freeze when watch video in browser. just good in battery capacity. also sometimes when charging it is not work.

  • Bendy.exe

I have a black version of this phone.

  • Iron Worker

LG XPower 3 is by far the worst phone I have ever used. Updates continuously cripple this POS with glitches & now the battery will not charge. Pure garbage. Will never own another LG product.

  • Khalid zawahreh

It is so great and strong. I "ve been using thus nice phone since 2017 ... Fall down several times and still working . I recommend it for everybody.

  • Nip.315366

I bought at 2017 in indonesia, still good phone and fast chargin' while camera has up to 4000 pixels and i cant change piksel resolution,also features...but after 3 years use...it now defects for celuler data whereas use SIM and i cant call my friend while going outside or vacation.

  • Deb

This was a great phone. Going on 4 years. I usually upgrade after two but I wasn’t having too many problems. Not enough storage for me.

  • Jay

I've had my X power for 4 years now and aside from the slide protecting the camera falling out last week, this phone has held up amazingly.
I even once dropped it about 5 feet onto a ceramic tile floor and the impact warped the phone into a slight twist. I forced the phone to straighten by hand and it kept on running.
Any time it was dropped (about 4-5 times since I bought it), the phone immediately rebooted itself I assume to check for errors/damage.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lea, 03 Oct 20191.So when my mom or dad are calling me I hear them but they... moreyour English is good, have a nice day. ;)

  • mazhar

lg x power is the best phone

  • K wonder

Lairu, 12 Jan 2020This phone is good and very convenient. User Friendly and d... moreThe same here this phone very good

  • Alex

I had LG Power few years ago. It was a great everyday phone. Cam and display were ok, but performance and battery life rocked!

  • miss intan

i bought this phone in 2016
and still works soooooo fine until now! (4 years already) XD
the camera is average but the battery really cool!
you can charge 1 time only for full performance in a day, from 5% to 100% just need about 40 mins to charge ❤
Love it!

  • Lairu

This phone is good and very convenient. User Friendly and durable.
The camera is very average but satisfactory if you are not really so much into photos.
But all in all performance is good. This is recommended.

  • yoedi

i have a problem with the touchscreen. there's few dot that's not working. i reinsert the touchscreen slot inside the phone, then it works again. but weeks later, it happened again

  • graytaa

I bought mine in Indonesia, truly as the specification details. Works as well as a charging source for other smartphone, I used this to play Pokemon GO (not AR supported unfortunately) for the whole day (approximate 16 hours) the battery level is still at 30 something %. fast charging supported, from about 12% to 100% is less than 45 minutes.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2019My data connectivity used to work but now ...it not working... moreif the data doesn't work try to restart the phone

  • assorted

when i insert my sim card it either shows or doesn't show. when i call too, switched off. no internet connectivity

  • Lea

1.So when my mom or dad are calling me I hear them but they dosen't hear me. 2. If I close my fon and I open it agaen fast there is nooo pasword. 3. When I am on my fon for abaut 40min on you tube my phone will get sooo hot that it will almost burn my fingers. 4.sometimes my screen will go black when i am on snapchat. 5. I got this phone march 2019 it was repaird 3 times to 31.8.2019. 6.last apdates was in year 2019 before I got phone. And yes there is a lot of other small thing but I am not good at writing in english. Hope my comet will help you😊. Have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

My data connectivity used to work but now ...it not working again ..any time i switch my data on nothing shows making it difficult to get access to the internet

  • Anonymous

when i insert my sim card it shows but they said the simcard is invalid