LG X power2

LG X power2

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  • average person

this phone is amazing reasonable price decent camera and monstruous battery with fast charging its perfect for average usage it runs smoothly i cant complain i think its the best choice in the mid range smartphones
i have one since last may and i dont think i will change for the near future at least

  • AnonD-746346

i dont think so. But based in my research, its designed for a long life battery. i like it yeah!

  • PowerG

For the price it's a fantastic mid-range S/phone, Pictures are vivid, Web surfing not neck-snapping but acceptable. Resolution is comparable to a 1080p

  • Lukaloco

Great phone!! Price, class etc.. Regardless!

  • simko

Hayls, 20 Feb 2018Amazing device :) great battery life and the phone is very ... more video quality is it good in low light?

  • Hayls

Amazing device :) great battery life and the phone is very fast ! Takes amazing pictures and vedios the sound is very clear too!! Great phone for a great price !

  • AnonD-738057

Well .. Sometimes the phone its appear black horizontal line and tip alone. Seems like has a problem with the digital....and it s happen maybe when the phone get hot...if anyone has the same problem just replay back

  • Jake

Not Bad But I Say Any Phone That Size Are Fragile And Need More Care and Respect Any Where You Go With It.

  • AnonD-729372

Yes the battery works awesome and for me it works for 42 hours but other thing about this phone are terrible.
LG apps on this device aren't that flawless specially file manager and music player and even the gallery that restores my photos even after deleting them from trash.
let's not say anything about the poor camera app that doesn't have exposure or iso or even panorama in its settings.
Photos taken by both cameras show that they were taken by a mid range phone.
One thing about the screen that some times bothers me alot is the visible pixels.
the only reason why i still have this device is because of its battery and android nougat.

  • Anonymous

A fine phone. It promises good battery life and more or less delivers: It has about half a day's worth of non-stop active use, and its really good at not wasting power when its in standby. It feels cheap in the hand, and the screen isn't precisely beautiful, but honestly, do you need 4k on your phone?

The audio jack is in the bottom, which you may dislike, and it does get a bit too warm from time to time, but if all you do with your phone is listen to podcasts, social media and reading ebooks while waiting at the airport and your main problem with phones is that they run out of juice, this is a cheap, very adequate machine.

  • AnonD-728391

seems nice

  • AnonD-723143

Hi there! I'll buy phone with FM radio because I'm happpy listening to radio for free. I'm eyeing for the Huawei P9 Lite (released in 2016 and cheaper) and LG Xpower 2 (just released in 2017). Can you guys help me choose which is the best smartphone between these two with regard to build quality, performance, design and battery life(of course sure winner here is Xpower 2)? Many thanks!!!

  • Anonymous

I let my battery get down to 15% two days ago before charging and now it goes from 100 to 35 battery percentage left in just 3 and a half hours of straight usage whereas before it would last a whole day. The lack of LED notification light kinda sucks but I got an app for that.

  • yap

AnonD-685399, 18 Jul 2017I already have LG X Power LS755 and it goes really good. 8-... more@ amazon 119 with ads

  • andy

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2017Fantastic tunes 2 yep 2 days straight all day + calls+ emai... morecan you crossfade your music without I-tunes

  • Al

Cannon, 14 Nov 2017Same thing happens to me when I'm on Facebook, for now it's... moreMine started doing that so I uninstalled Facebook and Messenger then reinstalled and that seemed to do the trick. I also updated my Google Play.

  • Cannon

ResidentEvil, 01 Nov 2017I have the phone for about a week now... when i listen to t... moreSame thing happens to me when I'm on Facebook, for now it's only when im on fb. I compared the specs with my old(ish) phone, but this one has better specs. Maybe there will be a firmware update that will fix this

  • Anonymous

Fantastic tunes 2 yep 2 days straight all day + calls+ emails+txts& net. no charge necessary. No cords to lug, no looking for outlets to charge, no wasted time waiting to charge up, no data used, just non stop rockin. Got 2000. songs on so far all loaded wifii and dont use a lick of data all off line listening! I Rpck 2 days straight with no data used, batt to spare and no charger to lug.
Its a rock in the park everytime.
Gotta Groove, Thanks LG, Well Done!!!
Kenny Peel

  • ResidentEvil

I have the phone for about a week now... when i listen to the radio or my music files, sometimes, strangely , the phone just reboots by itself...

  • gayan

good battery life ,this is my 3 rd lg mobile....good resolution good price..