Limited edition ZTE Axon 7 offers Force Touch and upgraded specs

Victor, 21 November 2016

ZTE threw its gloves in the flagship segment quite ambitiously this year. The Axon 7 managed to turn quite a few heads and impress most reviewers and users alike, us included. It is hard to think of many other handsets that can deliver the same cost-to-performance level as the Axon 7, but if we had to cite one, it would definitely be the OnePlus 3.

And now that OnePlus officially has a mid-life refresh for its famous handset - the OnePlus 3T, a logical way for the Axon 7 to stay relevant, or at least in the user's line of sight, is to do the same. This became reality today, with the roll-out of the Limited Edition ZTE Axon 7.

The upgraded handset comes with a 6GB, plus 128GB setup, in place of the original's 4GB, plus 64GB. On top of that, you get a Force Touch panel as well. The latter will likely be used in a fashion similar to the Huawei Mate S or the Huawei P9 Plus, adding a few extra interactions within the launcher. But taking into account ZTE's history of interesting control implementations, with devices like the Z9, there might be a few surprises still in store.

Other than the aforementioned changes, the rest of the new ZTE Axon 7's hardware remains unchanged. That means, you get the same QHD, 5.5-inch, AMOLED panel, Snapdragon 820 SoC and 20MP main snapper. The only other thing that has changed is the price tag - now bumped up to $499.



Reader comments

  • 28 Jan 2017
  • Tbq

I bought it and it's pretty nice. I can't talke about battery life yet as I have yet to fully charge it but on what it did have 58% it can go the distance. I don't quick charge it because i dont know if that will generate heat. A bit leery of this be...

  • neal
  • 30 Nov 2016
  • Y7a

I ordered Axon 7 regular version yesterday for $349 + tax, I am still debating I should have ordered Limited version. Can someone let me know, is it worth buying LE Axon 7 for the $100 bump or is it ZTE gimmick

  • AnonD-612942
  • 23 Nov 2016
  • g$v

For under $500 you get a ton of features and the camera ain't bad. It's not an S7 but it's better than almost every camera in this price range. With the upgrade in RAM I'd like to know how that affected the battery life? It was significantly better t...

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