Little dragon stars in Qualcomm’s newest ad

Ricky, 03 February 2017

Qualcomm has posted a new ad on YouTube to promote Snapdragon processors. These processors live in tens of millions of devices all over the world, and the chip maker wants you to know that dragons don’t only live in our imaginations.

Despite his size, this little dragon likes to use his power for good. He’s the kind of dragon you’re going to want on you 24/7… He’s the dragon you want in your phone.

There’s another version of the same ad, but chopped up to fit a few seconds of promoting the Microsoft Lumia 640 in the UK.

Perhaps the best device to showcase the power of Qualcomm's CPUs. But we'll give Qualcomm the benifit of the doubt and assume it meant to release these ads a while back.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-278667

Qualcomm is stupid making its rival chipset make make its chips. They will learn lots more from qualcomm their weakness and strenght..

  • AnonD-625786

Me? Nope, I'm fine. But you probably got pinched a bit, buddy.

  • Anonymous

I didn't forget anything.

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