Macro shot shows the screen above ZTE Axon 20's under-display camera

Peter, 08 September 2020

When ZTE talked about the Axon 20 and how its selfie camera works, it skipped over a few important details. This is the first production phone to have an under-display camera, in case you missed that.

The first hands-on images offer a better look at what goes on behind the curtain. There’s a small square area over the selfie camera, which has a lower pixel density – similar to that of a 720p display instead of 1080p like the rest of the panel.

Macro view of the screen above the camera The square is noticeable on a flat background
Macro view of the screen above the camera • The square is noticeable on a flat background

It also changes up the sub-pixel arrangement to make it easier for the camera to see through. The end result is not quite perfect as you can see where the square is on a flat background.

This area usually shows an empty part of the status bar, so it's hardly noticeable most of the time. Also, a busier background will likely make the square blend in more succesfully.

Leakster Digital Chat Station promises to post more details on what the Axon 20 display is like in person. For now the leakster says that the square area has a separate display driver to make it work.



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Then don't be, read properly and debate like a normal individual, THAT will make me happen as it became rare lately.

yes I'm stupid just to make you happy and have a better day

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Do you even read ? I said the stupidity "of the underdisplay camera", not "of peoples liking underdisplay camera". And actually THAT is what is stupid, peoples not even able to comprehend a simple sentence who try to debate wi...

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