Major Twitter account scam uses high-profile handles to scam people for Bitcoin

Ricky, 16 July 2020

On Wednesday afternoon, a dozen or so major Twitter accounts were compromised in an organized attack that scammed unsuspecting people out of tens of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.

The event began at around 4PM Eastern time and lasted for about two hours, during which compromised accounts with millions of followers Tweeted various “feeling generous” scam posts. This is when followers are encouraged to send an amount of money to a specified address with promise they would receive double the amount back. Spoiler alert, nobody gets money back.

Messages were sent from the compromised accounts of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Cash App, Apple, Wiz Khalifa, Warren Buffet, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Barack Obama, MrBeast, Floyd Mayweather, and XXXTentacion. Even crypto accounts of Gemini, Coinbase, Biance, and Coindesk were affected.

Here are some of the Tweets, all of which seem to direct to the same Bitcoin address with the premise that they’d receive double the money you sent.

Major Twitter account scam sed high-profile handles to scam people for Bitcoin

Major Twitter account scam sed high-profile handles to scam people for Bitcoin

Major Twitter account scam sed high-profile handles to scam people for Bitcoin

Most if not all these accounts were Twitter verified, and between them they shared tens of millions of followers. Twitter acknowledged the attack less than two hours after it began and offered the following statement.

Twitter then temporarily disabled all verified accounts from sending Tweets to stop the attack.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promises that it will offer a report of what happened once the Twitter team has a better understanding of it.

According to Motherboard, the alleged culprit is an internal Twitter administrative tool that was supposedly used. Screenshots of this tool (shared around on Twitter) showed hackers how to take advantage of this tool. Twitter has since taken down these screenshots.

We are really looking forward to hearing what Twitter finds.



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  • UsmanHSh

Twitter to test pubic opinion and get useable statistics about Public's views on certain issues. Then Facebook to form public opinion by pushing selective posts that not only affect people's opinion but not have too many people at a pl...

Hilarious to see people fall for this. But What can you expect from people who already fell for the biggest lie of twitter purely being a social media company and nothing else.

Yes indeed

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