Apple reseller in Malaysia forced to cancel $50 iPhone sale when thousands of people showed up

Ricky, 05 March 2018

A Malaysian retailer, Switch, had no choice but to suspend a clearance sale that it advertised to sell off some of its demo units including iPhones between the 5S through the iPhone 7. iPad Minis, iPod Touches, iMacs, Apple TVs, and MacBooks.

All in all, there was probably a total of 200 Apple units altogether, and just 10 iPhone 5S devices marked at $50 with very limited quantities of a sub-$100 iPad, a sub-$150 MacBook Air, and a 24-inch iMac for $255 (which all sound way too good to be true). The problem here was that over 11,000 people showed up, according to a Facebook post, for a clearance sale that probably should not have been advertised online.

The queues were so ridiculous that crowds filled the inside of the mall, starting at the store’s location and ended outside of the building and somewhere towards the parking lot. To make up for the huge inconvenience, Switch (the retail store), offered discounts on newer iPhones over the weekend.

The lesson here is if you show up to a flash sale and there are already more than three-thousand people lined up, chances are if you head home you probably won’t miss out on a lot.

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  • Anonymous

YouTube be like: iBox unboxing. The $50 box from apple. This is the future.

  • These prices are...

for these prices i would better die in the line rather than being at home telling my self: you could have had it, if you did not prefer to sit on ur lazy AR***

  • MarcioR

I would totally be on that line for these prices.