MeeGo builds available for testing on Nokia N900, no GUI just yet

01 April, 2010

The fusion of Moblin and Maemo is complete - the source code repositories are open to the public and there are three MeeGo test images ready for downloading - one for the Nokia N900, one for Atom-based netbooks and one for Moorestown Atom handsets (think LG GW990).

This first release is not very usable strictly speaking, it's for testing purposes and satisfying geek curiosity only. But it includes the common core of MeeGo - everything from system libraries, through telephony services to social networking services.

What's still missing is the top layer, which will put all this to work on a variety of devices - phones and MIDs obviously, but also car computers and connected TVs. For now however, the three images can be booted off a USB stick or flashed to a device from a Linux computer and they boot into the terminal, so no graphical UI just yet.

A timeline will be posted soon, detailing when certain components will be finished but the first release of MeeGo should be in May, when hopefully the graphical user interface will be up and running too.

The images can be download from here, if you're in a mad scientist mood.



Reader comments

  • Vladimir

For God's sake... Get a better name! MeeGo is a horrible idea.

  • Analysis

Nokia shd b makin more fones runnin on maemo...Maemo in sum few months time will b the best phones OS eva...D fact dat Maemo iz linux daznt mean u cnt chnge UI...Nokia haters....Start gettn sumtin beta 2 stand on...cuz Nokia wil foreva rule....

  • Anonymous

Nokia is still trying to catch up. They're really getting far behind the competition against Apple and Android. Samsung and LG might even overtake them soon. And Motorola is gaining so much success lately as well. Nokia should start producing And...

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