Meet the racing luxury smartphone - Aston Martin Aspire

18 September, 2012

Aston Martin is launching a luxury Android smartphone – the Aston Martin Aspire. Despite its premium finish, the handset internals are rather uninspiring.

The Aston Martin Aspire packs a 3.2-inch HVGA display and is powered by a single-core 800MHz processor. The rest of the specs include a 5MP snapper plus a VGA front facing one, 256MP RAM, 512MB ROM and a microSD slot. The connectivity package has the usual 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth quartet. Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread is in charge of the Aspire.

Aston Martin Aspire

There is no info of the phone’s manufacturer, but it is highly possible Acer is behind this. It is available in black, white, silver, gold and rose gold colors. All but the black one ($1290) cost $1590 and use 24K gold plating.

Aston Martin Aspire

The package is quite attractive – a huge leather box that includes 2 1500 mAh batteries, a leater pouch, an Aston Martin headset and a charger.

What do you think, is this thing worthy of the Aston Martin brand?

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Reader comments

  • Androios

Dafuq, this thing is actually worse than my old Motorola milestone.

  • Anonymous

Not worthy seriously..

  • Anonymous

It's actually a philosophical fallacy to assume that, just because someone is poor they have no right to an opinion. My opinion is that this is the sort phone that an ignorant, rich person who wouldn't know what a split infinitive was if their life ...