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Meizu 15

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  • Andy

What is a fresh rate of display of Meizu 15?

Will this phone work in the USA with Metro by T-Mobile or Boost Mobile?

  • Anonymous

Best phone design.

  • Drum.

Hi how about battery? I just got my Meizu 15 a couple days before. I charged up to 82 when phone was turned off. When I turned Meizu 15 on battery percentage was 80. And later I saw that this phone can't last a day. What should I do? One man told me that first three-four charging times of Meizu 15 duration should be charged up to 100% and battery should drop to 0%. Is it true? What shall I do?

  • Unreal Donald

Yesterday I got Meizu 15. Today I made comparison my new Meizu 15 with more than twoo years old Meizu M6 Note. I played the same youtube movie exactly one hour on both phones - new Meizu 15 and a little bit older than two years used Meizu M6 Note. Percentage drop on new Meizu 15 was 14%, on Meizu M6 Note 12%.

  • D. Trump

Hi. How many intetnal memory is available to user?

  • Anonymous

Honestly Meizu. Just release this same exact phone with internal upgrades and a bigger battery. And please just put in the latest stock android since you guys can't be bothered with updates and your software is so buggy.

  • Billy

Been using this 6 months now, have a few phones but this one is the perfect size.

Battery is OK if not the best.

Biggest downsides are lack of updates and no NFC.

  • Anonymous

Would like the same phone with better internal specs and a better price.

  • Pini

Mr. Monoxs, 14 Jul 2018As GSMArena said : "If you feel comfortable with limited s... moreMemory full but no reason can't recognize what.

  • boreal187

It's an all right phone, I got it two months ago. The stereo speakers aren't great, that was one of the main reasons I was interested. But otherwise it's light, compact and runs pretty fast with the Flyme UI. Camera is great too. For £200 it's a great phone

  • ido

just bougth the phone becuase my oneplus 3t screen broke

this phone isn't good he is ok for temperory phone and nothing more

  • andrejbc

Xiaomi Note 3 is still better choice

  • BigD

Dayaccus, 03 Jul 2018The white version I don't think is metal because it does no... moreits been layer coated, its still metal

I don't have any problems with worry about the latest security software update. I don't care, there's nothing sensitive on my phone, I use it to talk.

  • Dayaccus

Mr. Monoxs, 14 Jul 2018As GSMArena said : "If you feel comfortable with limited s... moreI personally do, I run now on an almost 5 years old LG G2 with Android 5 and will only change because its starting overheating with moderate use and battery doesn't last much anymore. For me the updates are useless as they drain more power from batteries and you get very little in return as for security, I don't use any sensitive info on my phones anyway so I don't care much.

This phone has the perfect dimensions that I'm looking for, even more compact than my previous best phone Meizu MX4.

And front fingerprint scanner is a bonus. But 2 cons:

1) 3000 mAH is small and Meizu software is not exactly the most battery efficient. We're have appreciated atleast 3,500 mAH unit.

2) PRICE. $400 is too much. I guess I'll wait for the price to come down to less than $300 once Meizu 16 comes out.

Ojex, 14 Jul 2018The biggest weakness of this phone is : SOFTWARE !As GSMArena said :
"If you feel comfortable with limited support and no more software updates, it is definitely a worthwhile option"

  • Ojex

The biggest weakness of this phone is : SOFTWARE !

  • Anonymous

tinchow, 08 Jul 2018this phone looks awesome, and has very nice features, but c... moreyeah, 'cause the redmi note 5 has the SD 660, a 2160p camera with OIS (NOT EIS) (also, Meizu Camera has far better camera than Xiaomi), Type C usb, 24W fast charging (compared to QC 3.0 with 18W),