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Meizu 16 Plus

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Naveen, 27 Feb 2020when Meizu 16th get android pie updateNever i believe.

  • Naveen

when Meizu 16th get android pie update

  • Anonymous

too weak phones from meizu
no update at all
this phone even doesn't have any place in
with no update at all worh 165$ at most

  • VR

Vian Rii, 10 Dec 2018this device is way better than i thought. ( i am the fan of... moreMeizu 16th plus uses diamond pentile display.

  • Lol

Why no nfc

  • Anonymous

What is the SAR level of this phone?

  • Specs

How is the speaker quality? Is it loud?

How is the battery life?

What about the ui? Does it have lag, bug?

  • Brk

Please review this phone:)

  • Billy

Jimmy Hopkins, 01 Aug 2018wrong about what? asking longer and narrower display? you ... moreYes at 6.5" it would be too wide with 16:9 screen.

Can you guys confirm that Meizu 16th Plus really used RGB subpixel layout? Plz reply me. I need to know before purchasing 16th Plus.

  • Gusta

Vian Rii, 10 Dec 2018this device is way better than i thought. ( i am the fan of... moreIs there global ROM for this mobile?

  • Anonymous

Better than oneplus 6t?

  • Vian Rii

this device is way better than i thought. ( i am the fan of flyme os)

Super Cooling system

4x4 mimo highend LTE Antenna with qualcomm highend modem

great display

Durable batterylife

THE slimmest 845 devices in 2018

and note 9 level speaker with 3.5mm jack for highend DAC chipset.

flagship sensor IMX380 and its night sight camera
(the stock cam automatically takes pic using nightsight mode at low light condition)

  • Vian Rii

You all display resolution claimer.

Plz Regard this comment!!!

Samoled display on meizu 16th/16th plus do not have any pentile.

it is traditional RGB AMOLED which are known as Samoled Plus that provides good Sharpness like retina LCD.

RGB 1080P AMOLED provides sharper image than well known 1080p pentile amoled devices such as Mi8, oneplus 6t, Mi mix 3.

i am the user of meizu 16th/16th plus, and it provide sharp image quality.

also, plus variant provides the more battery efficient display than 16th. and both are Samoled.

as the result, the Display of meizu 16th plus provide

GOOD sharpness

Better wide field of view like Samsung Note 9

Lower Battery Consumption (regardless how it turns out, It is JUST 1080P AMOLED)

the only drawback for this AMoled Display is that does not support DCI-P3 Color mode unlike any other flagship devices.

  • heindrix

this phone have so good hardware and specs and perfect screen size.
just one thing that prevent me to buy it, no bootloader unlock and maybe kernel source code will be never released.
too bad.

When will a global version released? Does anybody know something about that?


Bought a MX4 about 4 years ago, and it worked just fine since then. So I'm definetely a big fan of Meizu. Sure it is a question of preferance, so for me personaly I can say that I don't need NFC, wireless charging or LTE to be honest. I like the nice design, the camera quality and the simplicity of the flyme system. After 4 years with the Meizu MX4 I just needed something new and fresh, so I ordered the 16 plus. The DHL Express shipment status says that it has already arrived in Germany. Very excited and curious about this phone.

  • Anonymous

Thesis86, 30 Sep 2018Well..the global version does work for US LTE bands...that ... moreYes it is a big advantage not like some poco loco phones with sd845 and no 4g support

Well..the global version does work for US LTE bands...that makes this a buy