Meizu 16Xs

Meizu 16Xs

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  • Anonymous

PBoy68, 14 May 2021I got this phone. Best hardware ever, worst UI ever with wa... morethe global rom of ur phone its not official

so u must change it to china rom

the last flyme update of ur phone


Release time

I got this phone. Best hardware ever, worst UI ever with wagons of bugs and no global updates since dinosaurs time. I'll never, ever, buy another Meizu device.

  • igron

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019If UFS then not bad. If eMMC then trash.Trying to find this information. It's not displayed here

  • Tim

Anyone knows the SAR Europe? Thanks in advance!

  • Erik

It says gyro-eis here for the video, but on 2 other reviews they saidthere is no stabilazation for recording video. What's the situation? Thanks!

  • Koko

Khalid, 17 Apr 2020All things is good The biggest problem is no update for gl... moreLot of people complains about lack of android updates like yourself and they might not ever owned a Meizu devices just go buy the stupid comments. Yes, meizu dont upgrade android version as others or give you frequently updates but after 1.5 year my meizu phone still workes as it did out of the box. Not like samsung where you must have updates as the phone wont work as supposed to out of the box. Have bought an S10e before Christmas but just after 1 week of use switched back to Meizu as their OS much cleaner and simpler suits me better. Samsung did not work correctly, wrong sound settings, face recognition does not work if phone is more than ~30cm away from your face, and I could go on and on, not talking about the horryble battery life. Handed over to my partner who is thinking of changing to an other phone as she doesn't like it either.

  • Khalid

All things is good
The biggest problem is no update for global version

  • Basyirah ismail

My meizu 16xs is 4gb ram and 64gb storage. But i cant download the device set up for global. Why?

  • Antonia

Is there a NFC support?

  • AnonD-82756

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020is the global rom of it orginal ? some of phones, seller w... moreHi yes totally official global version, everything on it works great updates ota not a problem.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-82756, 18 Nov 2019Incorrect this is available globally I have one is the global rom of it orginal ?
some of phones, seller will unlock bootloader to install custom global rom on it with bugs & 50% translate other languages & update ota will not work on them

is everyrhing work ok on it ?
no unlock word at the turning on phone, showing under 'powered by android' sentence
chinese + english + other languages

is it correct???

i have this phone. it has led and bright. always on also have. Great phone. smallest 4000mh amoled phone ever

Does this phone have notification LED in its tiny bezel somewhere? How bright is the LED? Can anyone post a photo or video of the LED glowing in action?

If not, does it have Always on Display that works for all third party apps?

  • AnonD-82756

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2019I think this phone is availble only in Egypt, because the n... moreIncorrect this is available globally I have one

  • AnonD-82756

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2019Is meizu better than xiaomi? Plz reply who have used both o... moreIn my experience yes Meizu is better and I have used numorous Xiaomi.

  • T3ch77

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019no ois ?main camera has ois.

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019no ois ?It's a $200 phone m8.

  • Anonymous

no ois ?

  • Pro Gamerz

I buy this phone.^_^

  • bcg-worker

Tri nguyen, 20 Aug 2019How to buy this phone in Vietnam. I like ít, give me... moreYou can get there the VSmart live - same phone with different back cover.