Meizu 16Xs

Meizu 16Xs

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  • ali

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019seriously no sd card! why?????!!!!!!!!!if you want more storge space you can use OTG usb drives
or you can select the 128gb model

  • Shahboz

Please check the fast charging ability , i think it isn‘t 24 watt

  • Shah

mr.M, 16 Jun 2019what is "Global Support" bro?It’s mean than phone can sale in all country

  • Anonymous

Did they start selling it somewhere? What about memories, are they ufs?

  • mr.M

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019Most important Nfc.. Radio... And global support is dead. what is "Global Support" bro?

  • Technical issues

This phone has ultrawide 48mpix camera?? Gotta see it in action. Admins please fix the main camera in the specs. Ita wrong

  • Anonymous

some pros
super amoled screen
the back body from metal not glass
indisply fingerprint
usb type c
152mm tall not long
165grm weight, not heavy

but any way in meizu phones to unlock bootloader & install twrp?!

  • Ahsan

Way better than ugly notch and pop-up cameras.
I wish it could be available in my Pakistan.

  • Anonymous

If UFS then not bad. If eMMC then trash.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019seriously no sd card! why?????!!!!!!!!!Most important Nfc..
And global support is dead.

  • Anonymous

seriously no sd card!

  • Anonymous

IP68? It's got to work in the wet (rain & etc), not diving but maybe if dropped in H2O.

  • Adhy

This is what i looking for 😉

Meizu has always been a fascinating Chinese brand that I've followed for quite some time. Even with the smartphone trends of 2019. I can still see their key design language that stems all the way back to the MX4.

Gorilla Glass?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2019no 3.5mm jack3.5mm jack Yes

  • Anonymous

Best looking phone, no notch, no punchhole! Ultra slim bezels..amazing! :)

  • kwj

Anonymous, 31 May 2019no 3.5mm jackyeh it does...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2019No sc card , no nfc, global support is dead. Another tragic phon... moreno 3.5mm jack

  • Anonymous

what is battery life?