Meizu M1 Metal

Meizu M1 Metal

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  • Frost

Design back to iPhone 3G...

  • AnonD-187240

I really like this one and it's price. Cool meizu

  • Jun

The price was cheap and it have fingerprint scanner

  • tomsolo

Above this specs is based by oppomart lies.

Here is the real official specs:

  • AnonD-38544

AnonD-418881, 19 Oct 2015What is IGZO ?????? :OIt's a shortcat from Iridium, Zinc, Gallium, Oxygen, which are used to build transistors in such type of matrix.

  • shivashankar G

this is super looking is very nice i love this phone
how much price this one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

If they release it to the USA it will be the Nexus 5X killer

  • AnonD-441601

This phone looks great.

  • Babillui

AnonD-418881, 19 Oct 2015What is IGZO ?????? :OIGZO is a screen technology from sharp.

  • AnonD-418881

What is IGZO ?????? :O

  • Than Gam

Helio X10.....!!!
Quiet a performer......