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  • barbth

How can I erase duplicate contacts on Meizu m3 note? Where is the contact app?

  • fizz

qqqqqq, 26 Aug 2020Me too having trouble with slow charging.Slow charging

  • qqqqqq

Quangg, 14 Jan 2020Anyone have problem about charging slowly??? Me too having trouble with slow charging.

  • Zack AT

Meizu m3 not is good with me, i still use it 2 years untill now it really cool, its camera is nice, great image .
This phone is amazing enjoy using it 😍

  • Quangg

Anyone have problem about charging slowly???

  • aro

use meizu m3 note since february 2017, one year past at 2018 the back button is not functioning and the camera start saying 'occupied' and need to restart the phone. and now november 2019, the battery past out and today 14/11/2019 i not have any phone since it was black out. after this im going to buy xiaomi mi 9t pro. overall meizu m3 note is 3.5/5..

  • meizu sucks

dont buy meizu.

after a year the company , officially declared, there will be no more update.

what a shame

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2019not possible play..u can use app store,omust install google instaler, download of internet, you can.

  • jk

I have this phone since November 2016. Actually, for someone like me who never really had a "nice" phone, buying Meizu M3 Note was really big. It worked perfectly for the first year or so (don't have other phones so i a can compare to, unfortunatelly) but then i started having big problems with it. The so called fingerprint button stopped working completely, lucky me i had my number password (which i didn't like using at all); the phone started having problems with the camera roll and the ones calling me couldn't hear a thing. All the videos and photos i took since 2017 to the present (2019) are still on that phone because none of the devices i have nor my friends' can read the phone's files. I tried with my computer, then i bought a new one. Nothing. Well, just giving here my opinion. At least i'm happy to hear my parents saying the words "new phone"!

  • Anonymous

Somiran, 20 Dec 2018I am Bangladeshi people. My relative sent me a Meizu note 3... morenot possible play..u can use app store,o

  • Fmasi

Somiran, 20 Dec 2018I am Bangladeshi people. My relative sent me a Meizu note 3... moreI have Google Play Store on my Meizu M3 Note in USA. This phone came from someone in Ukraine.

  • Abhi

Earlier i found some issues with play store. .. later even it is working. ... king of mobiles. ..

I am Bangladeshi people. My relative sent me a Meizu note 3 phone. But Google plays store not active or running on my phone. So need to help. Is that possible to run the google play store? What is the operating system?. Please give the feedback from the expert. Advance thanks.

  • eitanav111

one of the best phones i ever had !!!!!!!!

  • avatarma

most MTK china based phones have lot of bugs and problems, snapdragon phones are fastest and less buged.

  • Aron

my meizu m3 note supports finger print but why doesn't it work? I try setting the way it should but it fails to work why?

CHAUHAN G, 16 Sep 2017I have installed Phone Finder in my Meizu M3 Note and enabl... moreHallo

You posted the below problem last year. I have the exact same problem...very frustrating. How did you fix the issue please


I have installed Phone Finder in my Meizu M3 Note and enable button erroneously press by myself. As a result Phone Finder as well as other application Icons have been disappear from the phone. Besides this Sim Management has also been disappeared from my Meizu M3 Note. My Meizu M3 note has been hanged so far it is neither power off nor restart. please suggest the site or link so that Phone Finder Application Icon alongwith other application Icons (which have been disappeared from Meizu M3 note) could be reappeared in the phone.
with regards
Chauhan G

  • Vinod

Waste mobile and no service center

  • Anonymous in.every

  • Muzaffar

AnonD-567092, 09 Jun 2017did you have the fingerprint problem too?I have muize M3 not I rote the phone but phone is not working please what can I do