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Meizu M6

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  • Mr Chan
  • b{8
  • 16 Jan 2023

I have been use this phone for 5years. It still work for many app. But battery is a little bad. Stand by time is
1day half, if even you didn't use. But this phone strength is Light Weight, Design, Camera, Display.
Weak is Battery.

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    • BigHeadStinkyMan
    • sBS
    • 14 Jan 2023

    ok 👍

      google confused my generic tablet with this phone
      my generic tablet has this phone's model but with a x at the end

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        • Anonymous
        • 0Vg
        • 19 May 2021

        very good and cheap also although the battery is integrated with careful movement it changes relatively easily, I found it on the internet. also this phone has something that the new ones no longer have, call recording which is very useful

          • h
          • han777
          • PA7
          • 11 Feb 2021

          huhhh not bad

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            • maharlika
            • Xpf
            • 11 Jan 2021

            i got mine on sept 2018 still working until this day its a cheap phone, with fingerprint scanner (inaccurate and slow) on gaming i can play world of tanks in low settings 30-60fps and mobile legends its slow when the internal storage is almost full. but if want to boost the performance flash it with china rom flyme8 much more optimize and smoother. when this is new it takes only 1.5 hrs to charge but now its takes a lot of time. and the battery is not as good now for 2years use

              • t
              • tish
              • JF0
              • 17 Oct 2020

              gabe, 24 Feb 2020so far so good.It is a good phone.The characteristics are o... moreSame expiriance after two and half years. Great phone for 110 euros new. Bargain.

                Great budget phone, Slim, Octa-Core and Google apps ready, couldn't be better for cheap $.
                and for people complaining about charging port... get a quality USB cable, simple as that.
                and stop being rough with your phones.. then blame the phone, only fools constantly complain.

                  • N
                  • NeverBuyingItAgain
                  • m2x
                  • 15 Jul 2020

                  You get what you pay for, this phone works for 1 year and then charging port dies, had 2 of these phones and both of them with a same problem, charging port dies after exactly one year. Other than that also after a year this phone screen starts to show its age, not responding well and flickering + whole phone is 3 times slower, and lets not even start to talk about camera. I would give this phone 5/10 performence, 6/10 price. Would not recommend buying this phone, add 50-70 bucks more and buy a cheap samsung.

                    • g
                    • gabe
                    • n7U
                    • 24 Feb 2020

                    so far so good.It is a good phone.The characteristics are ok.Serves me well.i have the 32gb storage capacity.It's fast and never let me down through the last two years that i have it.A really nice mobile phone that deserves it's money.

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                      • riri
                      • xeU
                      • 27 Jan 2020

                      This phone serves me for at least 2 years now and i love it. PS i couldnt find a case to protect it but it doesnt matter it had fallen a lot of times but still the screen looks flawless

                        • V
                        • Viktoras Efthimiadis
                        • 00c
                        • 24 Jan 2020

                        The WORST phone i've ever bought. It freezes , reboots while playing games and it's screen flickering from the first day. Battery 1 day max with average use.

                          Juan, 11 Oct 2018Can someone confirm that this phone model is capable of run... moreyes it is a 4G LTE capable device.

                            Ko Ko, 30 Nov 2018Meizu M6 is Good and budget phone.But internet connection i... morei got this phone last friday september 19 2019, I havent found any issue regarding on internet usage using data connection.

                              • z
                              • zeus
                              • sxs
                              • 23 Apr 2019

                              Dis meizu is d worst phone i ever have. Application is very ill specially u cant use d playstore. So u cant download you tube at all n d oder apps. Dont buy. Waste of money.

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                                • タ&#12
                                • j46
                                • 23 Mar 2019

                                mansoor22, 25 Feb 2019has anyone.expericned finger print disables.on its own one ... moreMe too

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                                  • Mark
                                  • 3qA
                                  • 20 Mar 2019

                                  Nasir abbas , 03 Mar 2019What a worst mobile... I just purchased but can't use any g... moreCheck on youtube how to download Google Paly on that cellphone.

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                                    • Nasir abbas
                                    • X}$
                                    • 03 Mar 2019

                                    What a worst mobile... I just purchased but can't use any google services like play store or Google Map, gmail account as this phone does not support Google Play service..

                                      has anyone.expericned finger print disables.on its own one time next it asks.password no finger next time i unlock with.pass and finger works.again very next time.has anyone experince.same

                                        • w
                                        • wai wai
                                        • tZ0
                                        • 16 Feb 2019

                                        Touch screen is not really good, abut delay