Meizu M6 Note

Meizu M6 Note

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  • Ikshar

Used this phone for over 2 years now and it's damn perfect. It's fast, display is great, batery's never low. It feels so comfortable in your hand. Cameras are ok (not a substitution for a real cam, but sooooo so good for this money). Fingerprint scanner works like 99 out of 100 times and does it really fast. The only problem is that you can't install apps to the SD on Flyme :(
I dropped it couple of times and it doesn't give a heck. Never bothered about a rain.
I love this guy and the only reason I'm swtiching him is that I'm forced to upgrade by life circumstances
12/10 cheers

  • Zeid

I have this phone since 2 years,it works perfectly, it's quality surprised me actually

  • Andy

Whay is refresh rate of display of Meizu M6 Note? 60hz?

  • Abd

Very good phone
I used for 2 years and still a perfect phone
Durable, screen very good, speaker loud, battery life incridable, camera very good, gps very good, connectivity great, software average for global version good for china version, design is an old design but I like it, 3.5 mm jack great, micro usb not good, fingerprint fantastic, charging time is poor more than 2 hours,

  • Floydii

Camera isn't working at all.
Secondly, I can't view photos / images at all.
It has been working really well but just now Iam encountering this issues.
Why is that and it be fixed as soon as possible? 🙏👍
Thanks alot Meizu!

  • Bosnia

Awesome phone, not single issue for 3 years of use. I am very satisfied.

  • Anonymous

sandy, 05 Nov 2019all is good and normal for budget phone. also we can do fin... moreMine won't do any of that. Can't even get an account with flyme.

  • Anonymous

This phone won't let me comment on forums, use survey apps, fingerprint doesn't work, always closing down, cannot get a flyme account, dictionary doesn't recognize words from the English dictionary etc etc. It's the worst. Bought from I will have to buy another phone. I highly do NOT recommend buying this device.

  • Abd

Best of the best it is better than many flagships 2 years of hard use no problem battery is ausom screen is fantastic no drops in call speaker sound is loud with best base
M6 note is no. 1

  • Abd

Best phone ever solid very good quality and calls 👍

  • Shamu

I has this phone i love this phone

  • ayyaz

bernex, 17 Nov 2019phone is very good and reliableyes 100% i agree

  • Anonymous

phone is locked

  • bernex

M.hamdy, 08 Jul 2019Can i depend on this phone nowadays, i wanna buy it but nog... morephone is very good and reliable

  • sandy

all is good and normal for budget phone. also we can do finger scan and have face recognition lock. cool.

but its hard to find phone case for meizu you know. it has limited range of choice unlike iphone or samsung galaxy ect. i love phone case.

  • Talzkhie

Im using this phone for almost 2 years.. A good budget phone, no prob encountered with its software.. Battery has been always good, camera is nice for its price.. Only not satisfied with my 32gb memory. Overall meizu is very competitive!

  • chaseq

M.hamdy, 08 Jul 2019Can i depend on this phone nowadays, i wanna buy it but nog... moreI'm using the phone and I don't have any problems with it, it's a good budget phone.

  • Hassan Raza

Bad cell phones no parts available in markets

  • Lee

M.hamdy, 08 Jul 2019Can i depend on this phone nowadays, i wanna buy it but nog... moreI dont recommend it. I have used it for 1.5 years.
- Battery life is good
- No heating problem
- Camera is ok for this price range
- Os update is at 7.1.2
- Minor bugs but not fixed
But if you just need a cheap phone, exceptable functions, go with it.

  • wolves55

M6 very good value for money.😎
Does it support WiFi calling ?