Meizu M6 Note

Meizu M6 Note

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  • samlook36

Duck, 24 Aug 2017Lenovo K8 Note? or Meizu M6 Note?M6 note.

  • EXcomZkko

As a Meizu user, regular updates are fine, but Android Base upgrade (For example M3 Note is still on 5.1) situation is terrible. Bootloader is locked as well. So, my next phone will not be a Meizu.

  • Duck

Lenovo K8 Note? or Meizu M6 Note?

  • Lancelot

William wijaya, 23 Aug 2017Finally, Thanks Meizu for using snapdragon and dual camera! My f... moreI agree with you

For people that have used Meizu, what's the update like? Is it frequent like Xiaomi redmi Note series?

  • AnonD-441601

Awesome price for a brand new phone i just like it.

  • AnonD-107876

Len0vo K8 Note or Meizu M6 Note?

  • AnonD-104084

Does this phone using hybrid sim card slot for sim card and micro SD or dedicated micro SD card slot?

  • Anonymous

Does the Front camera has Autofocus capabilities?

  • Anonymous

Mokhabadi, 23 Aug 2017it is beautiful well-Speced and affordable! it has a ideal desig... moreThe front is repetitive, they've been using that for like 4 years now? I don't know. but other than that, I really like how affordable it is yet it's very perfect for my tastes.

it is beautiful well-Speced and affordable! it has a ideal design with all elements in the proper place! but one thing can describe it best: REPETITIVE!!! and also soul-less!
LG Q6 has many shortages but it is lovely! it has a new Spirit! what is your opinion?

Decent hardware
Great design
Good software (hope they update it)!
Affordable price!
Good product overall, I'd say.

  • William wijaya

Finally, Thanks Meizu for using snapdragon and dual camera! My favorite brand since a long time but I never bought because meizu use mediatek. I and mifans in my country are very happy to hear this, I am waiting for meizu m6 note sold in my country & now it's time me & my friends back to meizu fans and will never be mifans again!

AnonD-614957, 23 Aug 2017I love Meizu Same

  • AnonD-614957

I love Meizu

Anakilank, 10 Aug 2017Meizu use android or flyme os ?flyme OS, but also android.
Flyme OS is a skin from android. Just like samsung uses touchwiz UI which is also android

  • Johny

nice hidden led on the back

  • Johanis

A big plus+ for snapdragon. It will should do better videos on camera, and music should be clearer. And hope it will reduce laggs from previous devices.

  • Anonymous

They've gone all out with this phone, I'll buy this one for sure

  • Meizyyy

Finally a snapdragon for meizu.