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Meizu MX4

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  • davie mbappe
  • rvG
  • 22 May 2020

Hi,guys my meizu phone is failing to open whatsapp after regstering it what might be the cause?

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    • faris seny
    • tVw
    • 10 Dec 2019

    one of the best p[hone.
    the camera is superb.

    battery so hot.
    setting for the camera is so gud.,

      This was hands down one of the best phones I ever owned!

      And its 5:3 display was very practical......I wonder why no other manufacturers opted for this screen ratio.

        battery Cameron Sino best of the best and hold again like new phone

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          • Anonymous
          • ube
          • 18 Jan 2019

          Disha, 03 Jan 2019Hai, where can I get the screen for this phone. I am in Mal... moreShopee?

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            • Disha
            • tZk
            • 03 Jan 2019

            Hai, where can I get the screen for this phone. I am in Malaysia. Do help me.

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              • Marin
              • Sn8
              • 20 Dec 2018

              Macbeth, 22 Nov 2018Latest version of Android?5.1

                Latest version of Android?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • IVW
                  • 29 Sep 2018

                  Najib1312, 15 Jul 2018Actually this was a great phone and could have run flawless... morei alry update to flyme 6.2. its free. more stable and more function. good performance too.

                    simple, 05 Oct 2017I have got this model over 2 years. Two years was relativel... moreActually this was a great phone and could have run flawlessly for long time.......if you keep it at its original OS (Android 4.4).

                    The subsequent updates killed this phone. My advise is do not ever update your phone.

                    So far I have owned Meizu M1 Note, MX4, M6s and M6 Note. All of them were great until I updated the software.

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                      • lala
                      • YUf
                      • 04 Jun 2018

                      phone gets REALLY REALLY HOT after you use it for sometime , especially if you use it outdoor.
                      battery life is not so good. i used the phone for two and half years, after that battery life is no more unless u keep it on charge for 24/7.
                      love the photo quality of back camera.
                      front camera is bad.

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                        • simple
                        • p%r
                        • 05 Oct 2017

                        I have got this model over 2 years. Two years was relatively ok. Few month ago baterry had colapsed. After changing it according to youtube video instruction it seemed to be ok. Then I upgraded Flyme OS to higher version. Terrible user friendly environment! You cannot downgrade smartly!
                        At the end part of display stopped to functioning.
                        I dont count International support from Meizu as it is only in chinese!
                        No Meizu anymore!

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                          • AnonD-705196
                          • 3RQ
                          • 03 Oct 2017

                          At first it seems ok, but after a while this phone becomes slow,it takes quite some time to answer a command.It's not as good quality as it sounds when reading the specifications.

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                            • Suen
                            • vV5
                            • 01 Sep 2017

                            I really love the interface of this phone but the front camera is a disappointment and the phone gets hot easily like reallyyyyy HOT.

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                              • AnonD-693895
                              • PTI
                              • 22 Aug 2017

                              its a VERY GOOD phone - bought mine 2 years back and still working great until today. Looking forward for new series - for my 2nd phone. WORTH BUYING!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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                                • Hansem
                                • uC4
                                • 22 Jul 2017

                                This phone is awesome. I have z ultra, samsung note 3, and i think this phone is the easiest to use because of the thin bezel and light weight yet with big screen. Need some tinkering to prolong battery life: turn off auto sync, use 3g if 4g signal not strong, uninstall 3rd party keyboards, use greenify& ccleaner... really love this phone, beautiful screen!

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                                  • AnonD-402029
                                  • Hka
                                  • 14 Jul 2017

                                  Mx4 users, 13 Jul 2017In terms of camera and battery life, which version is bette... moreget the latest one

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                                    • Mx4 users
                                    • KZK
                                    • 13 Jul 2017

                                    AnonD-402029, 18 Jun 2017for your information and any MX4 users out there, the best ... moreIn terms of camera and battery life, which version is better? Currently I'm using the latest updated rom.

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                                      • AnonD-402029
                                      • XNI
                                      • 18 Jun 2017

                                      AnonD-677583, 16 Jun 2017I have update my version toFlyme I wish to downg... morefor your information and any MX4 users out there, the best version is Flyme 4.0.4I..the newer version got some serious ram management problem. i tried many flyme version, ranged from to 6.x, all has ram problem when you started to use camera and record 4k video, the ram will stay 75% occupied until you restart the phone. so the best solution is to use the old flyme because meizu will NEVER fix the problem. solution is:

                                      1) downgrade to Flyme 4.0.4I(International)(kitkat)
                                      2) buy newer phone

                                      but i always prefer number 1. all app i am using right now has no problem with kitkat.

                                      link download:
                                      how to downgrade: just copy to root directory and turn off the phone. go to recovery by pressing volume up + power button. tick both options in recovery and proceed. always backup first.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-677583
                                        • IVS
                                        • 16 Jun 2017

                                        I have update my version toFlyme I wish to downgrade to its old version but I dont know what is the original version, and also how to downgrade it. Anyone here can give me the link that I can learn to do this?