Meizu MX6

Meizu MX6

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  • sigma

Don't make the mistake to put 1440p or higher resolution. The specs are very good.
We hope the phone will have all the sensors also. I don't give a shit about NFC.
In these days 4000+ mAh is a must.
Gj Meizu!

  • Nosd

No sd?? Are you kidding? Even m3 note is better than this.

  • veiu

Meizu ditched my hopes.Now high hopes from Motorola?

  • Pasta

Why there is no nfc? C'mon meizu place nfc. And 2k display. All we want is these...

  • Carapiña

I hope it releases veery fast because i loved the MX5 and i would like to see the MX6, if the price is the same as the MX5 I'll inmediatelly buy it. I want it so much, thanks GSMarena for bringing us all the rumors very early, the best website!!