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  • Anonymous
  • 6wL
  • 09 May 2021

AnonD-698281, 07 Sep 2017The wire it comes with is fast charge, and mine also warms ... moreIn the settings there is an option to disable mcharge and this way you can use the original cable and not have your phone heat up when charging.

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    • Suhaifi Bhakti
    • X%p
    • 16 Mar 2021

    Shy boy, 04 Jan 2017I am using this modal mx6. And I share some my experiences... moremay I ask you how much flyme you are using now ?? I am currently using Flyme But the problem is that the WA display is often lost. The point is that the name has been changed to a cellphone number.

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      • Anonymous
      • H5R
      • 30 Jul 2020

      Sabina97, 05 Mar 2017 Hello, I have been using meizu mx6 for 5 months. A... morehi,my m6 is stuck on the welcome and language screen, when i try to reset it a message says fast text mode, it's been like that for 4 days now if you know how to get it out of the frozen screen you would be really helping😯

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        • Gg
        • vgN
        • 12 Jun 2020

        Ero, 21 May 2019my work partner accidentally broke my screen, i want to cha... moreYou must buy on onlineshop

 of the best i used special program
          Putt Reborn one of the best

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            • Ero
            • NXN
            • 21 May 2019

            my work partner accidentally broke my screen, i want to change my screen for my MX6, but i live in Ethiopia i dont think its known around here, can anyone help me out by telling me where can i find a perfect screen for MX6 or a similar one? thank you.

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              • Anonymous
              • M5N
              • 10 Feb 2019

              kasim, 06 Dec 2018does the mx6 support usb otg function?...anyone please conf... moreYes, it does support

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                • MeizuUser2019
                • Xpf
                • 20 Jan 2019

                decent phone, you should software update it to flyme 7. its great!

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                  • kasim
                  • 6PR
                  • 06 Dec 2018

                  does the mx6 support usb otg function?...anyone please confirm this

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                    • Shyboy
                    • u44
                    • 03 Dec 2017

                    Copy pasted, 26 Sep 2017Hey, I saw this comment from another phone. HAHAHA don't fo... moreI am also using almost a year and of course it works well. We say like this because we think about the price between other models.
                    269$ in Cambodia if we buy Samsung that have the price the same as it, it can be liked like mx6.

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                      • Copy pasted
                      • UD{
                      • 26 Sep 2017

                      [deleted post]Hey, I saw this comment from another phone. HAHAHA don't fool us fool. Don't believe his statement because it's not true. :)

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                        • Katya
                        • PWa
                        • 15 Sep 2017

                        I am using almost a year now, It still works well. And now I have just updated flyme 6 it is cool.

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                          • AnonD-698281
                          • mHr
                          • 07 Sep 2017

                          Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017Hi shy boy , thanks for you reply ! i already got my mx6 an... moreThe wire it comes with is fast charge, and mine also warms up a little while charging.
                          If you use a lower rated cable to charge with, you shouldn't get any heat build-up.

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                            • DosTuMai
                            • mHr
                            • 07 Sep 2017

                            Until you've set it up fully, this phone can be a pain with closing background apps. There's an easy fix which just involves going to your apps & setting trouble apps to "Allow running in background" in the permissions.
                            The tap to wake function can play up if you have palm rejection on, but it works fine most of the time.
                            The camera sensors are really clear and video always comes out crisp.

                            6 months on, and I've had no real issues with it; not that I do much - social media, Discord, a few games & the occasional video or photo.

                            If you want more than 32Gb storage, look elsewhere; otherwise, this has been a hardy - I drop phones a lot - and useful edition to my gadget collection.

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                              • sabina97
                              • pqW
                              • 25 Aug 2017

                              Patrick , 29 Jul 2017Meizu mx6 Please what is the bad side of this phone and al... moreThis phone is just amazing. I have it now for one year and I have no troubles. Everything works as it should. And this phone has just an amazing design. The bad side is just that it is not available in most countrys. I need to order it from other country and if I would need to use guarantee I will have to send it abroad.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 3Am
                                • 23 Aug 2017

                                Very good for that price,its ok!

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                                  • Patrick
                                  • r3H
                                  • 29 Jul 2017

                                  AnonD-617534, 06 Dec 2016If there is no Play Store icon, please try following.... g... moreMeizu mx6
                                  Please what is the bad side of this phone and also the good side of it.

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                                    • AnonD-207914
                                    • Yet
                                    • 06 Jul 2017

                                    The phone crashes severely on simple apps like contacts and music player The battery is overheating constantly. Although it has some very nice features like excellent audio quality the Mediatek processor is probably not up to the task

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                                      • AnonD-594286
                                      • t4v
                                      • 21 Apr 2017

                                      the only bad i feel bout this phone is donthave card slot and the internal storage is only 32gb....

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                                        • AnonD-594286
                                        • t4v
                                        • 21 Apr 2017

                                        AnonD-396099, 05 Apr 2017MX4 user here. Very satisfied with that phone and am awaiti... moredo the meizu phones good or bad? will lag or not? how bout their battery life?