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  • Ero

my work partner accidentally broke my screen, i want to change my screen for my MX6, but i live in Ethiopia i dont think its known around here, can anyone help me out by telling me where can i find a perfect screen for MX6 or a similar one? thank you.

  • Anonymous

kasim, 06 Dec 2018does the mx6 support usb otg function?...anyone please confirm thisYes, it does support

  • MeizuUser2019

decent phone, you should software update it to flyme 7. its great!

  • kasim

does the mx6 support usb otg function?...anyone please confirm this

  • Shyboy

Copy pasted, 26 Sep 2017Hey, I saw this comment from another phone. HAHAHA don't fool us... moreI am also using almost a year and of course it works well. We say like this because we think about the price between other models.
269$ in Cambodia if we buy Samsung that have the price the same as it, it can be liked like mx6.

  • Copy pasted

[deleted post]Hey, I saw this comment from another phone. HAHAHA don't fool us fool. Don't believe his statement because it's not true. :)

  • Katya

I am using almost a year now, It still works well. And now I have just updated flyme 6 it is cool.

  • AnonD-698281

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017Hi shy boy , thanks for you reply ! i already got my mx6 and yes... moreThe wire it comes with is fast charge, and mine also warms up a little while charging.
If you use a lower rated cable to charge with, you shouldn't get any heat build-up.

  • DosTuMai

Until you've set it up fully, this phone can be a pain with closing background apps. There's an easy fix which just involves going to your apps & setting trouble apps to "Allow running in background" in the permissions.
The tap to wake function can play up if you have palm rejection on, but it works fine most of the time.
The camera sensors are really clear and video always comes out crisp.

6 months on, and I've had no real issues with it; not that I do much - social media, Discord, a few games & the occasional video or photo.

If you want more than 32Gb storage, look elsewhere; otherwise, this has been a hardy - I drop phones a lot - and useful edition to my gadget collection.

  • sabina97

Patrick , 29 Jul 2017Meizu mx6 Please what is the bad side of this phone and also th... moreThis phone is just amazing. I have it now for one year and I have no troubles. Everything works as it should. And this phone has just an amazing design. The bad side is just that it is not available in most countrys. I need to order it from other country and if I would need to use guarantee I will have to send it abroad.

  • Anonymous

Very good for that price,its ok!

  • Patrick

AnonD-617534, 06 Dec 2016If there is no Play Store icon, please try following.... goto H... moreMeizu mx6
Please what is the bad side of this phone and also the good side of it.

  • AnonD-207914

The phone crashes severely on simple apps like contacts and music player The battery is overheating constantly. Although it has some very nice features like excellent audio quality the Mediatek processor is probably not up to the task

  • AnonD-594286

the only bad i feel bout this phone is donthave card slot and the internal storage is only 32gb....

  • AnonD-594286

AnonD-396099, 05 Apr 2017MX4 user here. Very satisfied with that phone and am awaiting de... moredo the meizu phones good or bad? will lag or not? how bout their battery life?

  • AnonD-396099

After a week of use (see comments below) im returning this MX6. The only real reason for this is the crap display - light bleed along the bottom edge, right next to the button and very annoying when i can get say a flawless AMOLED Galaxy A7 or even better a C7 with guaranteed Samsung quality for the same price.

10 core ripoff processor, made in china quality control (i assume these sharp ips displays are made in japan or taiwan, so what meizu do with them is the problem) and better phones made by other companies have put a cross through my hopes for all "chinese" phones.

They have a way to go yet and the "new" midrange is nothing like the awesome old midrange - my MX4 was a superior device, only hampered by a juvenile OS. The MX6 is nothing like it - a bad display on a phone with limited release is a sure sign of degrading quality standards.

  • AnonD-396099

This is turning into something of a running review, what with the comment edit restriction. A night and a few hours of relatively heavy use (gps, traffic with congested network conditions, 2.5 hours screen on time at standard autobrightness) and im down to 83%. Not bad!

Updated now to latest 6.0 beta firmware (very easy, as is rooting in Flyme - to flash updates, you just click on them in the file browser).

Stuttering kernel in balanced mode slightly improved. Not much though, scrolling through loading lists is still bad. 10 cores eh?

  • AnonD-396099

AnonD-396099, 05 Apr 2017MX4 user here. Very satisfied with that phone and am awaiting de... moreSo, a couple of hours in i have this to report - the battery went from 70 to 0 in the course of two firmware upgrades. Abysmal. Hopefully this has something to do with the cycle memory, so im charging to 100 and trying again. Also be warned, in "balanced" mode the kernel is pretty lazy and you will see a lot of stutter if you flick through lists and so on.

  • AnonD-396099

MX4 user here. Very satisfied with that phone and am awaiting delivery of a MX6. Slightly annoyed that Meizu decided against their awesome slightly wider than usual screens in the 5 and 6 series, but from the looks of it the MX6 is a cracking phone for daily use at a reasonable price.

I usually purchase one or two phones a year (I carry two with me, its more versatile than dual sim) and I find Im no longer drawn to buying flagships, but rather high-midrangers. With my style of use, involving not much more than talking on the things and very occasionally reading some news or whatever, massive GPU performance is irrelevant.

The MX series and Meizus dedication to flyme are perfect for me.

FIY, I currently use a Nexus 5x as my second phone and await a MX6 to replace my MX4.