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  • Nauman

So far its a good phone but once you face any little issue like software issue or hardware this company dont have a service center in Pakistan it is providing After Sales services with alliance Greentech which is also service provider to Samsung. They said its a cheater company they dont give parts and other things. So dont buy this brand it will waste your money. Taking your phone to other unauthorized persons means void of warranty.

  • Leon

Hi there, is it a good cell phone. I m confused between Meizu pro 7 and nokia 6.1 plus. Meizu is costing me around 130$ and nokia 6.1 plus around 180$. Which one i should buy. Plz suggest...

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019how good is the Helio P25, and is it worth it to spend abou... moreHelio P25 Antutu v6: ~70.000 points
SD 660 Antutu v7: ~140.000 points
Don't even think to buy Meizu Pro 7 if you can chose a Redmi Note 7!
Meizu's Global phones division don't really give a s..t on their customers, I own Pro 7 Global, it came with Android 7.0 and its latest update (from april 2019) it's on... Android 7.0 (about 1, 2 or 3 updates/year). 2019 brought only 1 update! So, no real Android version updates with Meizu. I'm guessing Pro 7 reached its EOL moths ago... Other than this, Pro 7 it's a very good 2017 smartphone, great body, it's Flyme OS is stable, no restarts, no errors, no real bugs, it has great call and playback quality sound, its screen is even great. But that's it, if you can live with 2017 smartphone with no real updates, you can use Pro 7 even 5 years from now on.

  • Anonymous

Why have a screen on the back if you are going to keep the bezels

  • Someone

What screen protection Meizu pro 7 has? My screen broke

  • Anonymous

how good is the Helio P25, and is it worth it to spend about 10$ more (converted) on this than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7?

Nitron Online, 11 Dec 2018Does LED light has different colors for different notificat... moreThe LED has only white color and it's only for notifications, there is no light when the phone it's charging or fully charged. Regarding battery life, I get around 4-5 hours of SOT and about 24 hours between charges, but I don't play games. Performance is good enough for an everyday device.

  • Nitron Online

kwisatz haderach, 24 Jul 2018For people who are interested: this smartphone has Notifica... moreDoes LED light has different colors for different notifications? I want buy this as I like small screen phones, plz tell me about battery life & performance. Thanks in advance.

  • Nitron Online

I'm thinking of buying this phone now. Please tell me howz the battery life with normal gaming, calls, music, net activities, app usage etc for 1 day??? plz reply.
I am fan of small screen phones so considering this.

did anyone find how to capture video at 4k ?!?!??!?
i don't think this phone supports it... :(

  • Joel

Don't buy in india, they don't have any service centre in capital of india. Moreover, their indian website is not in service anymore. Meizu, don't dare to launch any of your product in india unless you have sufficient resources to provide after sales service. India is not dying to get their hands on your meizu stale devices as such you release your products in india after a year or two. Learn from Xiaomi , VIVO and Oppo, they know the real value of Indian Market and consumers.

Curiosity, 26 Jun 2018May I know how's the phone performance? Is it capable for g... moreThe high edition yes. The standard has decent preformance, you can game quite decently on medium settings with 60 FPS

For people who are interested: this smartphone has Notification LED placed on the top left.

  • Curiosity

May I know how's the phone performance? Is it capable for gaming like pubg, mobile legends etc?

Akuji, 13 Jun 2018Hi, I have a question about the difference the normal and t... moreExternally there is no difference between the Meizu Pro 7 that runs X30 or P25. I had to run Aida64 or CPU-Z to make sure about it.
If you're opting for the bigger bro the 7+, you will CERTAINLY get the X30, but in the smaller one it's 50/50.
Unfortunately. no. the High edition of the standard sized IS NOT the same as the Plus model. as you're still getting just 4 Gigs of RAM. while in the plus you're getting 6.
Hope I helped. ^^;

  • Akuji

Kiyasuriin, 20 May 2018As owner of the standard sized Pro 7 (my husband held it to... moreHi, I have a question about the difference the normal and the high edition. How I can difference between they? only has the x30 SoC with the storage? The high ediiton is not the same with the Plus version? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Next time, make it with IP68, pls! My phone died after an unwanted shower.:(

Anonymous, 15 May 2018How the battery life of the phone? As owner of the standard sized Pro 7 (my husband held it too. He switched to the Huawei mate 10 pro. His drcision.) I would say it's quite good. I have the high edition, with the deca core SoC. And I can have (atleast in my scenarios) about 5:20h of SoT. In cases I don't use it as frequently and just as a typical peek and return. I find it that it glugs down from 100% to around 35-30ish%. In the evenings.

A friend of mine asks, should he get the Meizu pro 7 (High Edition, X30 chipset)
Or the Huawei P10?
Other options don't appeal to him, too large.

  • Anonymous

How the battery life of the phone?