Micromax A100

Micromax A100

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  • wow

its the best phone i ever bought

  • Ronjon

How much cost it(micromax A100) in india?

  • suraj ghaware

AnonD-68486, 27 Aug 2012I bought this phone on Aug 24th. So far my experience is So Good... moresir i wont to buy this phone but i have only one question if i use sim 2 for internet can i got call from sim 1. i know it it is not dual active . but when we use net on sim 2 ans i get call from sim 1. ple replay o my email id is surajghaware@gmail.com


most welcome, i want to buy it , if the features are not changed

  • Asrar

higuys...plz guide me wether to buy mmx A-100 or spice mi-425...thnx wid regards

  • Anonymous

shaan, 07 Sep 2012hey guyz iam using this phone since last week and let me tell u ... morehi shaan. are u from India ? i am about to buy this device very soon. only hesitation is its brand. will u suggest me whether it is value for money or not ? or else should i go for brand like samsung etc. camera is not my priority and budget 10000-15000, preferably 10000
thanks. firoz366@gmail.com

  • Dambaru

AnonD-22487, 05 Sep 2012hey guys i hv purchased this phone 2 days after its launch wh... morepls say me about its camera quality
is this has samsung like clarity or not


shaan, 07 Sep 2012hey guyz iam using this phone since last week and let me tell u ... morewhere hv u purchased from???

  • jameel

Plz tell about the stability issues while using this fone....
pl name a store to buy this fone frm...
i believe that 16M colors is better than 256K colors even though A90 has amoled screen...believe me...colors available on screen is important combined it with screen resolution..ppi...

  • jameel

shaan, 07 Sep 2012hey guyz iam using this phone since last week and let me tell u ... morePlz specify from where to buy his phone

  • panchi

need some answers to these questions

1) service of micromax in mumbai

2) resale value of micromax mobiles

3) is dual core version of this phone expected or just a rumour

4) battery life + sound quality

  • Ravi

shaan, 07 Sep 2012hey guyz iam using this phone since last week and let me tell u ... moreCan u asked me abt its videoplayback its play hd videos or not?

  • sundar

is it good to buy micromax A100 or A90

  • shaan

hey guyz iam using this phone since last week and let me tell u if u want to experience magic, if u wanna get popular u wanna get attention and u wanna buy a phone dat will prooved to be the bestest value for money then just go for this amazing device.. I'm loving it. I bought this phone for Rs. 9700. now the abt the phone. it has awesome looks.. a super flat and slim body with amazing finish. trust me dnt believe those whi said its body is cheap. its very trendy sobor and decent. it has a huge screen bigger than S3.. and the resolution and quality used is really awesome.. watching hd wallpapers and full screen videos is lyk heven.. playing music is amaizing too as speakers are loud and clear.. I am playing high resolution HD games without any problem. camera quality is really good. touch eesponse is amazing same as galaxy note. I dnt have any problem with its performance at all. now some bad things.. ... 1. i am not able to use any other head phones apart from the default once.
2. don't forget to kill tasks coz it leads to slow speed but its not a problem coz killing tasks is a fun in android 4.1.
3. iam using a gaurd on its camera just bcoz I have a habbit of keeping my phone on ma desk at office which leads to some scratches on the cam as the cam is a bit pointing put of the flat back .
apart frm these I really dnt have any issues... this phone has made me mr. popular in my office as every is amazed and wanna see a phone which has a 5" huge display, 1 GHZ processor, High resolution screen, android 4.1, amazing luks, hd games, and all this for just Rs. 9700.... we can't get a better phone at this price range just go for it dnt think

  • pk

this set has complicated process for password recovery as like mobile key pad lock so if any one knows how to recover the key pad lock then please let me know

  • wishy

hi guys pls don't comment without actually using it well i just used it for the first time mmx (earlier used samsung & spice)for 10days and my experience has been like roller coaster with series of software crashes & automatic reboot with complete whitewash of ur hardworked files and data in to the cell it happened 3 times in 7days and finally it gave in when using simple and stupid application 'would u believe....! an down earth 'calculator' on the 11th day.
i also know u do get good mobiles in the same range but not these types come on i am thoroughly disapptd esp u know that leaving the product apart the service is equally pathetic as their many fools like me who are in waiting to get this product repaired, who have done which should not be done 1. loss of peace of mind and hard earned money

pls pls invest in branded researched products which give much more bang for ur buck... and the most imp thing piece of mind and class to carry on with,after all the person is know with shoes he carry same is for mobiles

wishy m

  • srp

its single core processor!

  • ganya....

this phone is very nice but i have some problem when i press the unlock key that time handset take lots of time to unlock.....very slowwwwwww

  • AnonD-65079

hey anybody is from jaipur(Rajasthan) ? who purchased this?

  • brayan

If Micromax A100 modify jst 2 featr like "dual core" proseesor and display should be super "AMOLED"
it is ok the price for this specifications rise up to
11 k or 12k