Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Micromax A116 Canvas HD

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Bought mine 2nd hand (rebranded as MyPhone Vortex) had an issue with the power button getting stuck. Sometimes it shows the power off prompt then the phone turns off or reboots//any idea if it's really the power button or the motherboard?//I've already tried to replace the power button but the issue is still happening.

  • Xwz

AnonD-664696, 25 Apr 2017I had buyed this product long back in 2013. I am really dis... moreYeah, the workers in the MMX service centres are idiots. I had an issue while rooting the phone and the phone did not boot up (though the workers never knew it, as I have already told they are idiots). This issue could have been solved by a simple Factory ROM flashing instead they told me that the motherboard is gone. They then fixed a new motherboard but then screwed up my display. I complained to them again and then they finally fixed my phone. I took them about 1 month to completely fix my phone.

  • Roshan Braganza

I brought this phone in the year december 2014 , it was my companion in best of and worst of times . Display is amazing though changed touch screen lots of times . Internal memory cannot handles more apps , and this phone hangs very very rare . Also I liked the build quality and feel of it . Still have it , though battery drainage is fast now and touch has issues. But will repair it soon and use this beauty for watching videos and playing games.

  • Chicago Typewriter

Should still be using this phone if it didn't give up on me last month :( Been using this phone for more than 4 years and still worked well (up until it went black screen). Service centers say they can't fix anymore since there's no more parts for it (and almost half the price of a new phone), so just going to buy a faster phone now instead. RIP, my A116. :(

  • Waqas

i am using this phone in Pakistan as A600 by Qmobile since 2013. its picture quality is good but have some problem i.e. battery issue, touch lags when phone is on charging, internal memory is very very very low and now it stop detecting network on both SIMs and no one is able to resolve that No Network issue.

  • ranjan

telugu letters very bad

  • Micromax smartphone

I love the smartphone

  • AnonD-664696

I had buyed this product long back in 2013. I am really disappointed by the Indian Manufacturer. It's just a piece of garbage. After buying this product in the first its run just fine. But after sixth month battery suddenly gone to zero in 30 minutes of usage. After that one side of earphones get detached. In the next month sent to the customer care. And they are the second idiots after the company. They don't even know how to check for issues. I have suffered from this and decided never again go with Indian cum Chinese manufacture company. And the company has lost his customer today.

  • Anonymous

Lucky, 30 Apr 2014I'll purchased canvas 116 hd in June 2013..in starting days... moreSame case with me I charge the battery, after sometime it shows 100 later after 10 - 20 minutes it switches off.very if u install more apps....Screen is very prone to scratches, cracks


best model. happy to use and enjoy.

  • Srijan

Hey guy don't dare to buy this one. It is such a discusting phone.
Soft keys touches automatically again and again. And for battery it goes 100 to 30 in just few minutes. Don't dare to buy this phone. Total waste of money only......

  • vijaikiran

Good Phone. Other than 2gb ram everything is good. Used more than 2 years still working fine

  • dani

i bought did phone in july 2013
n since now it never hanged once
performance is 11/10
no heating prblm
picture quality is quite good
battery is lil disappointing

  • hareesh

Am using A116, Telugu language not getting plz help me

  • Ani

pintu, 04 Oct 2016is it removable battery?? Except internal storage( only 2gb) rest is superb

  • sagar

i am using this mobile since2013, as its picture quality is too good as it is hd

  • Smart phone 007

I have been using this mobile phone from, May 2013. I have not come across any issues, so far. As far as I am concerned, it is a very good mobile phone, with crystal clear HD video output.

  • SCRK

mohan , 05 Oct 2016My mobile is not updating lollipop version and its battery ... morePl change the battery,I face the same problem, after changing the battery it is perfect. Don't go to authorized micro max service center for this problem. They cheated me by taking Rs 1000 and it did not work. I replaced the battery after my suggested me to change, then it work fine.

  • mohan

My mobile is not updating lollipop version and its battery was coming 100% to 50% charging is correct and it was going only 2 minutes 50% to 10% please help me anyone please help me... my mobile is Micromax canvas HD A116 please help me

  • pintu

AnonD-149302, 26 May 2013the set is not so good as it looks on picture .. (1) you ... moreis it removable battery??