Micromax Canvas 5 E481

Micromax Canvas 5 E481

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  • kumar

AnonD-521751, 02 Apr 2016Is anyone got Android 6.0 update for E481Still waiting..... Micromax was supposed to provide the update on February but it's April now😐

  • AnonD-521751

Is anyone got Android 6.0 update for E481

  • Anonymous

AnonD-519364, 02 Apr 2016I think his talking about 2 or 3 weeks before.. Only 1 update ha... moreCoz I have just received 1 update of 78 mb on 23rd February after tht I haven't received any update....

  • AnonD-519364

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2016Bro I didn't got the update???? When did u got it????I think his talking about 2 or 3 weeks before.. Only 1 update has been shown

  • Anonymous

sagar , 31 Mar 2016what is benefits of 34 MB Update of Micromax Canvas 5 e481?Pleas... moreBro I didn't got the update???? When did u got it????

  • Anonymous

Guyzzzzz marshmallow update when will we all get the update??????? Still waiting for the same

  • robin

Does gta vice city support on this mobile??

  • Sahuja

Absolute thieves. I bought multiple phones for my staff. One turned out with defective microphone. Gave it to service centre at Santacruz Mumbai. 1 month later they wanted to to send me back a repaired piece, Told them 1 had lost 1 months warranty and was sure that it was going to fail again. They insisted I pick it up and that it was the only alternative I had. I insisted that it was a manufacturing defect but they said they dont cover manufacturing defects, only repairs of such bad products.

Mr. Hasmukh from the centre assured me it will not fail again its his personal guarantee

After 1 more month of arguing I picked up the piece and lo and behold, within 7 days microphone goes dead again. Call back and speak to Mr. Hasmukh. He says he will look into it. My man keeps calling them again and again, they keep saying its under repair and that we have no choice but to pick up a repaired piece again. By this time we must realize almost all the warranty is gone. Meanwhile I got tired of my man pestering me and bought him another mobile of different brand

Its almost a year and my man keep calling them but they are not giving back the phone repaired or unrepaired. and Mr. Hasmukh has left the company. Keeping the mobile I have paid for and not sending back in all circumstances is thievery. I have left multiple messages on facebook.... no reply.

Now am disgusted and my warning to people, only buy a micromax if you are ready to pay money for one, if you want to spend money on a phone you will never get to use.

  • AnonD-520977

Hey, I have been using this phone for one and half months. There is no problem at all except slow charging. Performance is great, no lag in gaming, camera is good even in low light.
And friends about the marshmallow update i believe that there won't be much difference visible to us except multi screen option. But hope we can wait for that because that does not make much difference.
I also admit that Micromax is not nexus or apple which give regular updates. May be in future company follows big names and release updates.
Comparing to Zenfone 2 Laser:
Zenfone 2 laser would definitely be having good camera. In comparison to e481 the Zenfone's battery is weaker, has only 720p display (1080p in e481), OS is only LP 5.0 (5.1 in e481), lower pixel density, lower ram. Choice is your guys what you prefer.
All the best.

  • AnonD-91024

I am using Qmobile Z10 which is a complete copy of Micromax Canvas 5 E481. Please tell me when will i be getting marshmallow ? how long do i need to wait ?

  • AnonD-519364

[deleted post]ofcourse for india .....

  • Santhu2011

my canvas5 's mic does not work sometime...other party can hear my voice.

  • sagar

what is benefits of 34 MB Update of Micromax Canvas 5 e481?Please tell me.

  • Vinod

Raj bhatt, 30 Mar 2016Don't buy because phone is hiting and hang 1 or 2 time in day ..... moreHow can a phone hit? it doesn't has hands like you. If you meant to "Heat", then look out for correct spelling first.

  • AnonD-519364

for those guys who are using 1gb ram normal phone... for them this phone will be fast and best just like as me but when you go details in camera its not clear and most of the 3rd party camera apps and many others apps aren't supported.. and just 1 update i got since i bought this mobile.
problems are :
1) Charging very slow and draining very fast and main thing when battery go below 20 % then just in few min it will shutdown.
2) Camera is low quality even its 13 mp.
3) Heating issue and auto restarting everytime.
4) Hang and Laggy in gaming...
i too have this phone but i suggest not to buy cheap company phone now i am upgrading to nexus. Thanks Guys, hope you like it.

  • Raj bhatt

Don't buy because phone is hiting and hang 1 or 2 time in day ...4 time i formeted factory formet but same result..bakvas phone...

  • kishan

canvas 5 beast moblie

  • Dinu

I bought this last month and suddenly my phone earpiece didnt work ... I reset but the result is same.. but it does work with speaker phone.. any suggestion for this issue..

  • Dipu

Does the flash work at night while taking video ?

  • sneha

i think j7 is better than mx cnvas 5